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Samsung Epic 4g-Phone not working properly!!!


Re: Samsung Epic 4g-Phone not working properly!!!

I am also a long time customer and can attest to the complete lack of response to service issues as recounted on this thread and many others.

I am just about to bring my 4th Samsung Epic SII to the Sprint Service Center so they can see if they can verify the same problem I have seen on the previous 3 devices can be fixed. I have reset the phone in any way that Customer Disservice can think of. But by the very next call I am unable to answer the phone.

When I slide my finger across the screen (guess which one I use) the screen goes black, the phone just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing making me very popular with those around me. Eventually I see a message that says "Unfortunately the process has stopped working." There is an OK button at the bottom of the error box - but in a final twist of the knife, the OK button does not do anything when pressed. Yes, as an added annoyance for those around me I get to wait for a while before the button responds and stops the ringing.

Each time I call Sprint Customer Care, the kid on the phone wants to follow the same troubleshooting steps as the last time. Never mind it is the same error on a newly replaced device. Maybe this time there will be magic. I have to go through a whole song and dance before I can get to a "Supervisor" who ships another replacement and then promises to call back and check that the problem has been resolved. So far, no call backs but the problem persists.

I understand why Sprint is losing customers. Their service really has gone downhill over the last year. I understand why they have been sold to a Japanese company. I have to wonder what changes the new owner will bring. Can it get worse? Only time will tell.

Since I have absolutely no faith in Sprint's ability to fix this problem, I did some research on my own. This link leads to an archived post that describes an issue very similar to the experience I have had with the Epic.

After reading through 12 pages of posts I found a breadcrumb. The problem here seemed to be caused by the Reject With Message feature. Some users who added an additional reject message started getting the same process failure I described above. On a hunch, I checked the Reject messages. There are supposed to be 5 stock messages. I have not ever added a message, but if I don't fix this problem than who will? Sprint? Doubtful!

Guess what? The Reject message list shows 6 Reject messages but only 5 are displayed. There is no obvious way to display and delete the 6th. I have to wonder if this phantom Reject message is the cause of the problem I have had on 4 phones. I checked the 3rd phone in the series of Epics it has been my misfortune to possess. The same issue appears on that phone.

One odd note, I have another Epic - same model - in the house. That one has not had the problem.

Can't wait for my contract to end. Even though Sprint is the only major carrier to provide service at my address, I will switch to Verizon ASAP. I have to go 2 blocks from my house to get service, but it would still be better than Sprint. Can you hear me now Sprint?


Re: Samsung Epic 4g-Phone not working properly!!!

I still have the epic and just upgraded to the galaxy 3. The only reason im going to stay with sprint now is because their family plan is cheaper than the other competitors.


Re: Samsung Epic 4g-Phone not working properly!!!

Not only the reasonable pricing. It has better plans than the others. But, has anyone ever visited their forums to see what their customers say?

BTW Victoria, you made the right choice by upgrading to GS3. It's an awesome phone with great features. Enjoy your unlimited data plan while it's available only at Sprint. 


Re: Samsung Epic 4g-Phone not working properly!!!

I feel your pain, I too am on my fourth replacement device and I have never been displeased with a Samsung phone until I purchased this phone. It it the worst piece of garbage invented by Samsung but my contract ends tomorrow. I will be in the Sprint office first thing on Friday.

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