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Samsung Epic Enterprise Activation Security Issues


Samsung Epic Enterprise Activation Security Issues

I am only the third person at my company to try to connect to the Exchange Server with an Android phone, and the first with a Samsung Epic. After troubleshooting my issues today, our IT manager is considering not allowing any more Android phones to connect to the corporate network because my Epic will not do the following:

1. When connecting and syncing to the Exchange Server, the server automatically pushes out a corporate security policy which the Epic completely ignores. The other two Android phones accepted the security policy -- one switched from graphical to password automatically when it received the policy. We tried activating three times and I was able to stay connected without any locking at all.

2. The Epic apparently does not allow password locking (only graphical) which is required by our corporate security policy. I can't find any setting to manually change it.

3. The Epic apparently is not able to access the Global Address List. I would have to copy the entire corporate directory to my Personal Address Book to be able to lookup employees when composing emails.

Has anyone been able to fix these issues? If they cannot be fixed, I may have to switch my personal handset to an AT&T iPhone or a Verizon Blackberry -- the only two phones/networks currently supported by our IT department for corporate-owned handsets.

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Re: Samsung Epic Enterprise Activation Security Issues

The Exchange client on the Epic is fair - an alternative I have used with great success is "Touchdown" -- it's in the market, and it's the best ActiveSync implimentation I've ever seen.

For GAL lookup, as you are composing a mail, there is a "search" button under the To: and CC: fields.

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Re: Samsung Epic Enterprise Activation Security Issues

I also have issue #3.  Not a big deal for me - I copied the E-Mails that I needed into my personal contacts list.  Somewhat of a PITA, since I didn't want that many people in my contacts list, but it was the only way for me.  Luckily I work for a smallish company.

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