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Samsung Epic Shuts Off


Samsung Epic Shuts Off

Is anyone else having problems with their Epic shutting off by itself?  My phone does this and my fiance's keeps going into airplane mode by itself.


This is how my battle with sprint went down.  Sadly, since I'm the little guy, I lost.  And it's worth noting that the guy (Shane_M) in this thread who offered his assistence if we sent him a private message has not responded to the message I sent him.  No surprises there.  I guess when people drop the ball at Sprint they see no point in picking it up.


I thought I made my position on taking my phone to sprint store pretty clear.  Your reps will flash the phone and hand it back to me.  They absolutely will not "fix" the phone, and apparently they will charge me $35 for the privilege of doing something I'm perfectly capable of doing in my own home for free (and have already done).

The TEP isn't on my account because I am not accident prone.  I don't drop phones, pour coffee on them, hand them to indifferent children, or even put it in the same pocket as my keys.  Heck, my last phone was an iPhone 3G and it was working just fine when my 2 year contract with AT&T ended.  But I do appreciate you attempting to make it seem like this problem conveniently showed up outside of the warranty period.  Again, I refer you to the litany of complaints regarding this phone turning off unexpectedly.  Here's what 4 seconds of Googling finds.

The phone has a hardware glitch, plain and simple, and if you see the information I've given you with regard to what conditions cause the glitch (found in your own forums , I think you'll see it is most likely an issue with the phone's cellular radio (I've had it shut down during a call while still reporting a decent battery life).  Considering the equally glitchy nature of my wife's Samsung Moment, it's highly unlikely we will buy Samsung phones again, I realize you could care less about that, however, given the condescending approach you've taken to me as a customer (i.e. professing to "value my business" while patronizing me with a phone wipe for a $35 fee), I can say with certainty I will not be maintaining my contract with Sprint upon it's end.  On the plus side, you'll have one less customer to placate.  So you've got that going for you.

I also notice that you've failed to address the 4G issue I've raised.  But that's okay, it would seem you're already being sued for billing people for a service they can't use.  That's called fraud by the way.  Perhaps I should find out of Oklahoma residents can get in on this class action.  At any rate, it has not been a pleasure doing business with you, and I can honestly say that I find going back to AT&T significantly more appealing than maintaining affiliation.

From: "Sprint Customer Solutions" <>
To: ********* <*********>
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 11:34 AM
Subject: Re: Care #20111030161040394 (Billing/Payment - General Inquiry) (KMM92444215V76612L0KM)

Dear ******** *****,

Thank you for your reply.

It is possible that all the issue you are facing is due to error in
phone. To resolve all the errors, I request you to visit nearest Sprint
repair center. If the error is in the phone, it will be fixed up by the
store representatives. I can see that TEP is not added on the account.
Therefore, you will be charged $35.00 for phone repair.

If the issue is not with you phone and you are experiencing slow data
speed, you can get the best resolution by calling Sprint technical
support at : 1-888-211-4727 and follow the prompts for technical
assistance. To enable testing, it is important you call us from a phone
other than the Sprint phone you are having trouble with.

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your

Amanda J.

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Original Message Follows:
I have had a nightmare with my Samsung Epic for pretty much the whole
time I've owned it.  And despite Sprint's constant denials, there are so
many online complaints regarding random phone shutdowns that it clearly
can't be anything other than manufacturer defect.  I have comments in
the sprint community regarding this issue (see
user name imautobot).  My wife's Samsung Moment has been a constant
struggle and has caused even more headaches than my Epic (it's been
known to lock up for hours).  As I mention in my posts I have a strong
concern that these phones will fail to be operational in a crunch, like
when we need to call 911. 

I ask these questions to understand what it would cost me to walk away
from sprint, and at what point that fee would no longer exist.  My phone
was at the top tier of products that Sprint offered when I first signed
up, and I find this defect unacceptable considering the amount I spent
out of pocket to buy it.  Additional dissatisfaction comes from Sprint's
4G network which had been promoted months before I signed on with
Sprint, and yet has remained absent from the biggest city in Oklahoma
since that time.  I realize it takes time to implement that technology,
but perhaps targeting your advertising to areas which actually have that
technology in place would have made more sense.

Additionally I have noticed severe slowdown with regard to my data
speeds.  At this moment I just ran a test which resulted in a 324ms
Ping, 378kbps down, and 342kbps upload.  All of those numbers are
significantly skewed from that I am used to seeing from Sprint's 3G
network.  Going from previous speed test results (which I can prove),
this speed is approximately 50-70% of what I have experienced in the

So I am very dissatisfied with your products and your service. 
Moreover, I am not a moron when it comes to technology, and I have no
desire to take my device into a store which will wipe all my apps, data,
and settings, then call the problem fixed.  This go-to response from
sprint is trite, and a serious waste of your customer's time (I can wipe
these phones back to factory defaults on my own).  You can see
complaints from other people referencing this in the thread mentioned
above.  The problem is with the hardware, and unless a software patch is
issued which can successfully address the hardware flaw, there is no
further point in wiping the phone(s).

Unless Sprint is willing to swap out my Epic for one with a newer
hardware version, I don't think there is much you can do to guarantee my
contracts in the future.

From: "Sprint Customer Solutions"
To: ********* <*******>
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011 6:17 PM
Subject: Re: Care #20111030161040394 (Billing/Payment - General Inquiry)

Dear ******* *****,

Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the early termination fee and
contract satisfaction date.

As a Sprint customer, your association is valuable to us & we would like
to continue with it. Please let us know the details if there are any
issues related to our services. We will take all necessary steps to
resolve your concerns.

The two-year PCS Subscriber Agreement on the line ********** and
********** will satisfy on 08/30/2012. The account is likely to be
charged $100.00 per line ($100*2) as the Early Termination Fee in case
of cancellation of services before the mentioned date. We would like to
recommend waiting till this time period in order to save on these

An early termination fee (ETF) is applied to your account if you cancel
Sprint service before your Service Agreement ends. ETFs are prorated and
are determined based on the type of device you have.

• Basic devices: Calculated by multiplying the months remaining on your
term by $10.00. The maximum fee is $200.00; the minimum is $50.00. 

Please let us know how you would like us to proceed further.

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your

Cindy B.

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Original Message Follows:
Customer Name: Imautobot 
Sprint PCS Phone Number: **********
Account Number: *********
Form: Ask A Question-Manage
Topic: Billing/Payment
SUB Topic: General Inquiry
Original Question:
Question: What is the current break fee on my account?  And what is the
last day of my 2 year contract?


Follow up.  I received the e-mail today (see below), it was in response to the message above, which I sent to [...] (Dan Hesse supposedly, but we all know it's not, see name attached).  This person claims to have left a voicemail (1.5 hours ago), at what IS my phone number, and as of right now I haven't seen it show up on my phone!

Oh, and my phone just turned off in my pocket, I heard it beep and shut down.  I turned it on ASAP and it showed 40%.  You can't make this stuff up!


  Dear ******* *****,

Thank you for contacting the office of  Dan [...]

.  I received your

message and I regret that you are experiencing problems with your

Samsung Epic 4G phone.  I attempted to contact you at 12:20 PM EST and

left you a voicemail message on telephone number (405) ***-****.  Please

let me know when you would prefer me to contact you and I will be glad

to call you back.

If you have any other questions or concerns that I can address, please

call me or reply to this email. My contact number is[....] and I

can be reached on Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST and from

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST on Friday. Thank you for being our valued Sprint



Jonathan M



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to change plans anytime without penalties - we promise!

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     I've been off the last couple of days I'm sorry. I believe I have enough volunteers now thank you.


Okay, so I had a conversation with a sprint rep two days ago….  Real nice guy, so despite how must I wanted to tell him off, I just couldn't do it because he kept his cool like a hostage negotiator.  But on Sprint's end, no concessions were made.  Basically; the battery drain problem we're all suffering isn't one they've documented before (not sure I believe that), people on the internet tend to make stuff up or exaggerate (not about cell phones, IMHO), and because he didn't have access to the phone there is nothing he could do to help.  He did however tell me to take it to a sprint repair center and have it looked at (for a $35 fee because I don't have the TEP).  I told him I'd consider it.  Later that evening I did a clean flash of my phone from Froyo EB13 to Froyo EC05; the newest update.  Thankfully, since it was rooted before and after the update I was able to use Titanium Backup to bring back my apps and data with minimal hassle.  It's a $10 app, but if you have a rooted phone, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, the update didn't do much for me.  But I think I have some more insight with regard to the battery drain and shut down aspect.  Whenever I would notice the worst amount of drain, it would occur when the phone is seemingly doing nothing.  And it's doing nothing in my pocket!  Here's my theory, because where I work I am prone to moving in and out of coverage areas the phone is constantly trying to acquire the network.  And because it's in my front pocket resting right on my thigh (tight pants), my own body is making it more difficult for the phone to find the network by basically blocking 50% of the signal.  So, here we have a condition where the phone is working to find the network, and it's warming up.  And it's in my pocket right next to my body so it's got my body heat to contend with.  So I'm thinking the two conditions cause it to reach a temperature that is considered unsafe and force a shut down. 

I have only witnessed a temperature related shutdown one time, and the conditions involved the phone being tethered and charging; two conditions that will generate a good amount of heat.  What’s worth noting; because the phone was as hot as it was, and it was connected to the charger, it actually displayed a message (while off) indicating that it needed to cool down before charging could resume.

So, with this theory, I endeavored to keep my phone on my desk, not in my pocket. And also prevent it from moving it in and out of the network and constantly trying to acquire a signal.  While I only tried this experiment 1 time, the excessive battery drain was still there, but it did NOT randomly shut down.  So I'm thinking this might lend some credibility to the overheating theory.

In the instances when my phone has shut down in the middle of a call, I would have just pulled it from my pocket which means it would have already been warm (possibly close to shutting down already).  The phone call would cause some heat to be generated within the phone, and it might have been enough to trigger the shut down.  Again, this is JUST a theory!

Now for the AWESOME NEWS!  Last night I downloaded an app called Juice Defender (it was $2 on the Amazon app store, its $5 in the android market).  The program basically disables your wireless data connections at various moments depending on how you tweak it.  I took an aggressive approach and set it up so that data connections are only active when certain apps are open (you can specify if the data connection can run after your screen times-out too). 

This is day one of using the app.  At this point in my day, my phone would typically be dead or near death if I had not put it on the charger.  I unplugged it at 6:30am, and it's approximately 4:30 now.  After 10 hours and minimal use (of data connections, no phone calls, and a couple texts) it's showing 71%!!!  I don't normally gush about an app, but properly configured, it would seem that this one has made my phone usable.  I should also note that since it hasn't been searching for service, I've had it in my pocket all day without unexpected shutdowns!  Also, running this app does not disable the “phone” part of your phone like airplane mode would.  Heck, not only can you receive calls, you can get and send your text messages without the need for the data network too.  The only downside to Juice Defender is that since your data connects are disabled until you launch an app requiring them (assuming you configured like me), there is a pause of about 15 seconds while the phone enables those connections and the app begins to function normally.

Please let me know if you try this, and if it helps.  I’m just so thrilled, I had to share this with anyone suffering from the same Epic Fail that I was!  Bottom line, I’m seeing 150%-200% improvement!  As I said, this is only day 1 of using this app, but if I have anything important to add, I’ll definitely share it here.

Sprint Employee

I agree, Juice defender makes a world of difference, and always has for me. I only use the free versions, and have always had good things to say about it

No longer working Community Response.

My Father and I both have Samsung Epic 4g's, we got them in January 2011.  Didn't have too many problems, the update from Android 2.1 to 2.2 went just fine way back when, on both of our phones.

However, a few weeks back, when updating from Android 2.2 to 2.3, I had to do a hard-reset on my phone because it went into the endless start-up boot cycle following the Gingerbread update.  My Father's phone had no issues following the update, but I did a hard-reset on his phone as well "for good measure" and to get it on a clean slate.

Both of our phones are stock, unmodified, un-rooted.  Ever since the Android 2.3 update, my Father's phone has been shutting off alot, sometimes a dozen or so times a day, he says.  He said this never happened before, only after the update.

My phone never had any issues with shutting off.  Maybe once in a "blue moon", my phone would be off, but that is very rare for it to turn off.

Also, my Father says his phone will turn off after he closes the keyboard, that sweems to be the pattern.  Not all the time, though.  But I believe it turns off both when somewhen shutting the keyboard, and also when it is just sitting in his pocket.  It also never turns off when it is on charge.

Also I notice in the "battery usage" menu, it now says Android operating system uses the majority of the battery.  I believe that is mis-labeled with the display?


I am having a similar problem with my phone .

it ofter shut up by itself, someone told me  that i should buy a new telephone power

Sprint Employee

The problems are caused be either a hardware failure, a problem with the newly upgraded OS, or a conflict caused by an app downloaded from the market. if you take the phone into a service center they can check the debug log, and report software related problems, or repair/replace the phone if it's hardware related and meets repair or replacement criteria.

No longer working Community Response.

Clearly I've had my share of similar problems with this phone, but more recently I have found great relief and extended battery life by using the app called Juice Defender and running an agressive custom profile (meaning I specifiy exactly which apps result in turning on data antennas.)

While this isn't child play, I recommend rooting your phone.  Then get an app called Titanium Backup.  Use it to back up all your apps and data to you SD (BTW, the app only works on rooted phones).  Then flash a rooted version of the new OS using a program called ODIN.  Then re-download Titanium Backup and restore your apps and data with that.  You can skip the backup if you want to redownload all your apps and restore your data manually.  But I did this proceedure, and I am delighted with how my phone has performed since.  I cannot stress enough, Juice Defender is a lifesaver!

I'm actually so pleased with how it performs now that I currently have no desire to replace the hardware until it breaks, when typically I would get a new phone at the end of every 2 yr agreement.

If rooting scares you, you can find advice and on Android Central and XDA developers.  However, if your phone is still under warranty or you actually pay for the equipment protection, I'd take it to sprint and have them wipe it, and flash the new OS, since that would be free if you have their equipment protection (and rooting voids your waranty). 

It's always good to clear the cobwebs out.  But once they do that (yes I'm gonna say it again), install Juice Defender!

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I am having the same issues with the phone shutting off or rebooting at seemingly random times throughout the day (averaging about 1-2 per day since the Gingerbread update). I was an early adopter from Fall 2010 of this phone and have never rooted the phone.

I took it to a Sprint service center earlier today and had them run a diagnostics on it, but that returned no issues. The next thing they offered to do was reset my phone, which I declined since I am 99% sure it will not fix the issue and not worth the risk of me putting everything back on my phone. However, for those who want to go this route, it has to be the Service Center that does it (so they can notate that it was done on your account) and after that doesn't work they would replace it with a refurbished Epic 4G. I asked if the refurbished phone would be a newer hardware version or an older one (i.e. manufactured in 2010) since it seems the later Epic 4Gs do not have this issue from this thread, but the rep could not say. While speaking with him, I was opening and closing my keyboard, and that seemed to trigger the phone to shut down right in front of him so that was some nice timing there, but unfortunately it did not make him more sympathetic to my cause.

Besides the fact that my GPS is always 100-200 feet off and my Google Voice-synced number sometimes does not send texts until one big batch a few days after i send them, this is critical issue #1 for me. The others I can somehow deal with, although the text issue can be a pain as well.

For now, it looks like I have no choice but to wait out the next Android update (either minor bug fix or full-blown ICS if they even decide to do it for the Epic) crapshoot to see if that will propogate the issue or resolve it. I am of the mindset of not wanting to waste time calling in to customer service unless there is a documented resolution out there or I am assured I can get a new phone as a replacement.


So are you saying you never got the OTA update that came out like a month ago?  I believe the build version was EI22.  Mine is a tad different since my version is a pre-rooted version with all the sprint fluff extracted.  If you don't have that version, you should.  It runs pretty sweet, and has some neat tweaks.  But if Sprint gives you the option to wipe the old off and fresh install the new, I'd say DO IT!

I still feel adamant that the shutdowns I experienced were caused by excess heat relating to the phone always searching for a data network.  And with the phone always being in my front jeans pocket, my body most likely make finding a network at least 50% more difficult, and my body heat no doubt added to the problem.  Ever since I installed Juice Defender, which prevents the phone from seeking the data network when the screen is locked, I have NEVER seen my phone shutdown unexpectedly.  You can always download the free version and give it a shot.  You might not even need more than that, I personally just went straight for the paid version because it allows you to get more aggressive by specifying exactly which apps launch data services.  The caveat being that you don't get push e-mails, or MMS messages when your data is off.  And when launching a data app, you might have a 20-30 second wait while those services enable themselves.

Please just try the free Juice Defender app, and see if it stops the shut down issue.  If it doesn't, make sure your phone has the newest build version.  if it does, and the problem persists, I say push for a replacement.  I do suspect you are correct in assuming there was a hardware change, and that a newer phone might not suffer this defect.


I did get the update and started experiencing these issues after updating to Gingerbread EI22. I will try out Juice Defender but as a power email user, will probably be unable to have large windows of data turned off. Thanks for the suggestion

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