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Samsung Epic freezes


Samsung Epic freezes

Does anyone else have problems with the Epic just freezing up?  Mine will be fine for a couple days and then will freeze up 3 or 4 times in one day.  The only way to get it to unfreeze is to remove the battery, replace it, and turn the phone back on.   I don't know why it freezes up and don't know how to get it to stop doing it.

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Re: Samsung Epic freezes

I recommend checking memory levels on your device and insure you are keeping the it clean.

Go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications ->

You will see a list of all your applications, Check the most common ones like Internet, Market, Facebook, Myspace, Games, Any social netowrking for that matter. When you click on each one, half way down you will see CACHE: ____     Then you will have an option to clear those, Depending on how long you have had the phone, & if you havent ever done this then some of these could be pretty large, Anything over about 1.0 MB I consider pretty big for the phone.

When in manage applications you can hit menu -> Sort By -> Size.       This will give you the largest at top for better filtering.

After checking that you can always check your internal storage by going to

Settings -> SD Card& Phone Storage -> Then towards the bottom i believe it will show free internal phone storage space.

I've always kept mine at minimum 100MB which shouldnt be that hard with this device. Whenever having greater than 100 MB for internal i havent really had any memory issues.

Hope this helps some.


Re: Samsung Epic freezes

I have the same problem, several times a day.  Always have.  I tried what was suggested, and it didn't help.

I took my phone to the Sprint repair store, they reset my phone, lost all my apps, and told me there was nothing wrong with my phone.

I often can't hang up from a call.  Several times a day I can not open the phone to answer calls, place calls etc.

I just chatted with Sprint online.  They suggested I call the insurance company and pay $100 for a new phone.  So now I get the picture.  Sprint sells bad phones, many people have this problem, gets a 2 year contract out of you and then sends you to another company so they can make some money off of you too.

Also, Sprint barely works in our neighborhood.  I had to pay a couple of hundred dollars on an external antenna so the phone would work at home.  Then, when I plug the phone in to keep it charged to use the hotspot, I can't open the phone to do anything.  I have to unplug the phone to use it.

HATE SPRINT and so sorry I have 2 years of this to look forward to.


Re: Samsung Epic freezes

I am having the same problem with my Epic. I called Sprint and they told me the samething about going through the insurance company and paying $100. This is BS! I received the phone for Christmas. The phone has never been dropped or liquid damage. I left T-Mobile for Sprint and now am beginning to regret it. I had a problem with one phone I had with T-Mobile and they replaced it with no problem. No insurance, no charge. That is TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Re: Samsung Epic freezes

I suggest you go into the store that has a repair center and gripe there.  They finally replaced my Epic, and the new one works fine so far.  My son-in-law has had two replaced so far and is now waiting for his 3rd phone.  If this one doesn't work, they will pay to get out of their Sprint contract.

What Sprint has not figured out, is that by treating their customers so bad they WILL lose us in the end.  I have a year and a half left on my contract, but rest assured we will go back to AT&T after that.

It really fries me that Sprint will not update our phones, because they want us to purchase new ones.  All that does, is make me look forward to the day I go back to AT&T.


Re: Samsung Epic freezes

I did what William from Sprint said to do in the first reply with zero success.  If it is because I'm running too many applications, why does it freeze while I'm sleeping????  I took it to the repair center today.  To be honest, the customer service I received was horrible and flat-out insulting.  The two service technicians (both male) treated and spoke to me like I was just a stupid female.  One told me that the problem was complicated and "I would explain it to you but you wouldn't understand anyway."  The other one told me that the freezing issue was a "glitch in the technology" that can't be corrected which is "why I didn't jump on the bandwagon to buy this phone like 'everyone else' did."  He told me I could solve the problem by buying a new phone at full price.  Chalk one up for taking care of your customers.


Re: Samsung Epic freezes

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone. Since I made this post, my Epic has not froze up anymore. I would strongly suggest trying out my suggestions below. It has worked for my phone. After one or two days of updating Epic owners with the update below, Sprint discontinued this update as many Epic owners were reporting new problems. I was fortunate enough not to receive this update. If you did receive it, try resetting your phone back to the factory default. Also, if you are not sure if you have the original firmware version, contact Sprint. Right now, my Epic has the original OS and firmware version as when I received it back in December. This is an incredible phone as long as you can resolve the freezing up issue.

Well everyone, I think I have figured out the cause to the problem. Well I did a couple of different things. It has been almost a week and a half and my Epic has not frozen up. The first thing I did was uninstall Lookout. I didn't think it would cause a problem since I have it on my other phone (Evo) and have not had a problem. The other thing(s) I did was purchase a samsung oem battery, home, and car charger through Amazon. I would never purchase it through Sprint as it is over priced. I paid $25 for all three items on Amazon. I have faithfully used these chargers since. To be honest I think Lookout had more to do with the problem than the battery and chargers, but for $25 what the hec. If any of you have Lookout on your Epic, I would suggest starting there with uninstalling it. This still doesn't justify the poor customer service we have been receiving from Sprint. If I were to leave Sprint, I would go back to T-Mobile. They have the best customer service I have ever seen. And now they have really stepped their game up with some really nice phones and the largest 4G network.


I just found this in the Sprint Community section. Kind of funny how this update has been released after all the complaints Epic owners have expressed.

Below is a statement that will be released today regarding the  Android 2.2 upgrade for the Epic.  Watch for additional information to  be posted on Monday!

Android  2.2/Froyo will be pushed to Sprint Samsung Epic 4G customers beginning  Feb. 21.  All users should have access to Android 2.2 by Feb. 25.

New Samsung Epic 4G MR EB13 will upgrade the Epic 4G to Android  2.2/Froyo, many updates including Flash Player 10.1, Bluetooth dialing,  allows app installs to external storage

This software update (version EB13) will include:

  • Upgrade of the Google OS from Éclair to Froyo (2.2.1)
  • Ability to install applications to external storage
  • Improved Bluetooth device support
  • Bluetooth Voice Dialing
  • Flash Player 10.1
  • GPS Enhancements
  • Improved OS performance

UPDATE PROCESS: The software update will be delivered as a wireless download  (over-the-air, or OTA) in waves starting on February 21. All Samsung  Epic 4G owners should have access to the download by the end of the week  (Feb. 25).

Once  your Epic is in the queue and eligible to download the update, a  message will be pushed to your device saying that a software update is  available. If you are not yet in the queue and you attempt to  check for a software update manually, you will receive a message saying  “no upgrade is available”.  This simply means your device isn’t in the current wave of updates.

All customers should have access to the update by the end of the week (Feb. 25).

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Re: Samsung Epic freezes

My EPIC just forced an update and now the screen freezes up after being on for more than a minute. The keyboard will light when i open the phone but not the screen. Ive only had this phone for not even a month and it's a replacement phone for the first Epic i purchased with my "upgrade" at the same full price any new sprint customer would pay regardless of having been a customer with them for over 6 years. If anyone else has noticed, sprint makes phones that last a year if ure lucky. The try to convince you ure a valued customer by giving you a yearly "upgrade" where as some, i believe new, customers dont receive an upgrade until 2 years have passed. Basically, youre bonus is receiving the "upgrade" every year, which is great considering the phones only last a year but even then youre paying the same price a new customer would and getting locked into a new 2 yr contract. Am i the only one this doesnt make sense to? Not to mention once the phone doesnt last the full year til the "free upgrade" they then get the 100$ for the replacement fee, after having collected years worth of insurance payments from some of us "valued customers".

But back to my forced upgrade and now frozen useless EPIC. Im even more disappointed in this phone than i was in the PalmPre, which i had replacement issues with also. I guess i will be going to the store tomorrow to try and refrain from ripping the poor clueless customer service rep a new asshole because of some technical issue he/she will have NO CLUE on what to do about other than order me another shitty replacement phone.

Thank you sprint. for continuing to make my life an EPIC hell.


Re: Samsung Epic freezes

I am having the SAME PROBLEM.  Which is so very useful being as I need my phone and don't care to have a "replacement phone" while they "fix" this POS.  I am about to snap.  I can't wait til the stores open up, i'm pretty ticked off right now.


Re: Samsung Epic freezes


Please see my post if you haven't. I hope it works for you. I know how frustrating this can be.


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