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Samsung Epic has epic freezes!


Samsung Epic has epic freezes!

My wife and I just recently got Sprint and 2 Android phones, a HTC EVO Design and a Samsung Epic 4g... I love my Design but watching my wife having to do a battery pull at least once a day on her Epic is just to much for me, she says she's fine doing the pulls, but I can't stand it.  So I went back to Radioshack to see what they would do and they said that I should download a task killer and a cache cleaner for the Epic.... Now I believe that this was a horrible response, I was told by a Android developer (at Google) that task killers "can" create more problems.  I'm not here to debate task killers!  I'm here to see if anyone else has had these kind of problems with the Epic.  I'm ready to return the phone in peices to the store to see if they will honor the Radioshack replacement program that I spend $7 a month for!


Re: Samsung Epic has epic freezes!

SAME HERE! i am soooo mad...i had an epic a year ago broke it and they sent me a used one (refurbished) same thing to me..woulld randomly turn off so i missed work several times due to my alarm not going i just had to upgrade recently asd i broke the screen on that one(which they wouldnt DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME WITH besides wanting me to spend another $100 for another used one)  and they have NO selection of phones w a querty keypad besides this and an htc windows phone(which i bought first w my upgrade and it sucked bad couldnt do half as much as with an android) so since this is the only android phone w a keypad i upgraded to the same phone i had in the first place pissed me off but i had no the FIRST FRIGGIN DAY i got it..the touch screen just stopped working and i had to take the battery out to fix it..then next morning i COULDNT SHUT OFF THE ALARM i had to pull the battery again, and several times throughout yesterday and today its ridiculous..a BRAND NEW PHONE having all this bs i am done w sprint for good unless they do something really big for me which im sure they maybe ill be able to seell this POS for some money towards my new metro pcs phone..they dont reply to my emails ive sent and i am NOT going back into their store every time im there i am in the store like 2 or 3 hours its ridiculous. and i am not calling them because this is the only phone i have to call them with.  Oh yeah i just got off the phone w someone it doesnt hang up either i have to remove the battery for that also LOLOLOLOL...i also did all the updates and it says everything is up to date..this is a scam or something i dont understand but im writing to samsung also.

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