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Samsung Epic speaker, back button and unlock???


Samsung Epic speaker, back button and unlock???

Today my the speaker broke on my Epic, so I did the logical thing and took it to my local sprint store, they proceeded to tell me that the phone is under warranty (DUH) and that for a fee, they will repair the phone. I told them I didn't think I should have to pay for a repair on a phone that is under warranty. The store associate proceeded to tell me that I could call Samsung and get a replacement, so I called Samsung and they proceeded to tell me that they will not replace the phone, I can ship it to them, they will repair it and ship it back to me. What I am wondering is, what good is a warranty if they won't honor it? Apparently, Sprint has changed their warranty "guidelines" and now will not replace a broken phone, as of October 31, 2010. I am wondering if I fall under the grandfather clause since I purchased the phone prior to them changing their policy? The speaker is not the only issue I am having with the Epic, the back button has never really worked and when I swipe the front to unlock it, it doesn't work half the time, I have to re-lock the phone numerous times to get it to work.....Is anyone else having issues like this or did I just get the biggest piece of junk they had?

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Re: Samsung Epic speaker, back button and unlock???

Yes, As of Oct 25 Sprint did change there service & repair policy, If you have TEP it is free, Without TEP they charge a $35 fee or send it to the manufacture for warranty work. If your having more than one issue and they can't repair/solve it they will replace it if needed.

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