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Samsung Epic unable to connect to Google services, GPS, or android market


Samsung Epic unable to connect to Google services, GPS, or android market

I have been traveling internationally since January 10th. During that time, I have only used my phone on airplane mode with WIFI turned on. This still allows me to usually utilize the GPS for location services such as Foursquare and Google Maps. I received the EL30 update over OTA around the 20th. This is well into my current travels. I installed the update and did not notice any initial issues. After the first time that I powered down my phone and turned it back on, I have been unable to achieve consistency in connecting to my google account and android market via WIFI. I am concerned because I will be unable to havethis issue examined by sprint until I return to the US in a couple of months. The basic problems that I am having, include:

  1. Unable to make a data connection error when trying to sync google email and calendar over wifi.
  2. Inability to connect to Facebook via the Facebook app. I can connect via the web browser
  3. Inability to connect to Android market and update apps.
  4. Inability to get GPS location via wifi.
  5. Ability perform all browser operations while apps are presenting the major issue with data syncing and connections.

I have noticed that this issue does not happen everyday, but can happen for days at a time. Just removing the battery and rebooting is not a fix. As a matter of fact, this resets my phone to Jan 1, 2005 and it seems as if my phone is about seven years out-of-date. I'm concerned about doing a hard reset on the phone considering the current inability to reach data servers on a consistent basis while traveling abroad. If I reset, lose everything, and am unable to re-establish connection with my google accounts, I will be beyond pissed. I cannot have the phone itself examined by Sprint for over two months and would like some insight on if anyone else is experiencing the same problems even on the native network. If an update to fix the EL30 issues is pending, please provide a potential release date in order to better understand when I can see changes. The lack of ability to use my device while abroad is a serious hindrance.


Samsung Epic unable to connect to Google services, GPS, or android market

CEPll. I am sorry for the inconvience this may be causing you. If you reset your phone, you will lose all information Once the device is turned back on it will not reactivate since you a international but you would be able to reconnect with wifi and set up your gmail account again that is if the reset resolves the wifi issue. Have you tried removing the wifi profile from your phone and adding it back? The issue with the facebook and other applications may be caused by the new software and should be fixed once you are able to update in the market. At this time we have no official release date for EL30 fix.

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