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Screen rotation bug


Screen rotation bug

Hello, I having a problem with the screen rotation.  My screen will rotate just fine from portrait to landscape with keyboard side just fine. However, you can rotate the landscape with the keyboard pulling out in a upward direction. This is when the screen will become stuck. Happens soon as I put the phone to my head to talk on it, in my pocket or whatever.  Is there a fix or is this just how Samsung Rolls?

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Screen rotation bug

There'a a similar discussion at

If you have EB13, I've notice that it seems to be more sensitive than DI18.  It's like Samsung forgot how to make the sensors work between releases.  A possible fix that seemed to help my phone a little is follow the directions in the above post, but I'll summarize here.

Calibrate the screen on a flat surface and upside down.  Go to settings > display > Horizontal Calibration.  The directions should be obvious after that.

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