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Sprint Evo Hotspot

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Re: Sprint Evo Hotspot

Levi4u  ~ You were right, and I was wrong.  Apparently WILL prorate an add-on when removing it midcycle and only bill for the days it was active.  I apologize that we didn't have sufficient information on this, our documentation focuses primarily on our billing system and not  The customer that stated they were billed for a full month was looking at the next months charge because they added it again on the last day of the bill cycle.  Above those charges was the prorated information showing when they added it with a charge for those days, and a credit for when they removed it. 

Again, my apologies on the confusion.  We are trained to always recommend making changes to customer's plans for the next bill cycle to make the bill look simpler and reduce confusion about prorated charges. 


Sprint Advanced Technical Support


Re: Sprint Evo Hotspot

That's right. Thanks for your help, Levi4u!!!

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