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Sprint double talk on Total Equip Protection


Sprint double talk on Total Equip Protection

I was told by Sprint customer service to go into the Sprint Store- he gave me a close location, upon my arrival the retail asst mgr said he would not  and could not fix my phone. WOW.  I explained that customer service sent me to the store, told them my screen had hairline crack, yet they turned me away and said sorry, file a claim and pay the $100 deductable.  I called customer service back, a new rep this time advised me that I must file a claim, even on a cracked screen. Asked to speak with a manager, was sent to Terrence, he assured me that the store would not fix the phone.  I spoke to four people all from Sprint yet none of their stories lined out on what TEP covers and who can actually help me. Great. Silly me, I assumed Sprint cared, nope. Not one person CARES. 


Sprint double talk on Total Equip Protection

The information is available here. Both brochures are available in PDF format on the left that have the exact coverage terms. Essentially the ESRP coverage is the in store coverage, ERP is the Asurion coverage with a deductible, TEP combines both together. ESRP coverssthe manufacturer's warranty in store, and all wear and tear damage. ERP has a $50/100 deductible and is covered through Asurion, that covers lost/stolen/physical/liquid damage. A cracked screen would be considered physical damage to the device, some stores may cover it in store if the crack is small as a courtesy, but it is not part of the policy for in store coverage.

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