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Stereo bluetooth headset issues on Epic 4g...


Stereo bluetooth headset issues on Epic 4g...

Currently, I'm having issues with the Epic 4g utilizing pause and track seek on Stereo Bluetooth Headsets. I have gone back and forth with "Best Buy Mobile" about this issue and found that the problem isn't in the Universal headsets. Apparently the Epic must not support the extra buttons yet. At the moment, volume and call answer are working just fine.  I've gone thru all the headsets available with no luck getting these cool features to work. I gotta say that all the headsets sound great and is just a bummer not being able to pause or skip tracks wirelessly. I bought the "Rocketfish Headset" for now... Mainly cause it benefits me working out at the gym. Anyway, Hope the fix comes with froyo.... Has anyone gotten a way to make this work? I've looked around the web and in the Android Market with no luck. Thanks.

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Re: Stereo bluetooth headset issues on Epic 4g...

Update: Just finished speaking with Samsung Mobile...Apparently, at the moment, the Samsung Epic 4g does not support the Stereo bluetooth headset "pause and skip tracks" function. He did say that he would post the customers concern to Samsung. Hopefully the next update will fix this issue.

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