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Suggestions for video players?


Suggestions for video players?

I like the stock video player that comes with the Epic, especially the Virtual 5.1 option, but I want a player that also offers the ability to remember where I left off when I close the player out.  It happens a lot because I usually watch a movie or show during my break or lunch at work and don't always finish it.  Either that, or I have to close it out to respond to a text message or phone call.  It gets old having to find where I left off each time I want to restart.  Does anyone know if there are any video players available that offer both the Virtual 5.1 and point rememberance?  Doing a google search didn't find anything and the Andriod market is just a mess to do searches in.

Also, when I was reading about players on another site, some of the posters where talking about changing the equalizer instead of using virtual 5.1.  I can't seem to locate an option for an equalizer.  Is that available or did Epic users get the short end on that feature?

Thanks for any help.



I think you should give ''rock player'' a try. I know it will remember where you left off at. But I'm not sure about the ''virtual 5.1'' I don't know what it is. Give it a try & let me know what you think.

Good luck!

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