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The Battery Debacle in 'Epic' Proportions


The Battery Debacle in 'Epic' Proportions

I think I put my cart ahead of the horse on this purchase... man I should have come here first before my resent purchase of the

'greatest' phone on earth the Samsung Epic...NOT!!

I am struggling with the battery life; definitely this phone is not for anyone who relies on their phone for the majority of their work.

Well now that I had chance to vent.. on to more pressing issues.

I understand the battery life isn't ideal even after the modifications and kill switches. My problem is not only does it not hold a charge

it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to charge.  If I can't talk because the battery is dead and it takes up to 3 to 4 hours for a full charge and talk

with a charger connected, heck might as well go back to using a land line without cordless.  Jeez... Unbelieveable..

I swtiched from AT&T due to lousy reception, thanks to the iPhone and now this. There is nowhere to go, except back to a Blackberry it seems.

I could text, talk and email all the above for at least 24 hours before I needed to charge my phone and then it only took 15 to 30 minutes.

Sincerely Frustrated


I'm not sure what people are doing with these phones, but with constant email use (Exchange and Gmail) 2-3 hours of phone usage, plus texting, and internet searching, I can get roughly 14+ hours of phone time.

I bought an extra battery/charger from Samsung and switch batteries every day and this phone has 1000% better battery life then any Windows phone I've had, and 1500% better than my Moment.


This is a great phone with amazing multi-media function and a giant beautiful AMOLED screen...that sucks the life out of your battery.  If you go to the HOME screen and check SETTINGS>ABOUT PHONE>BATTERY USE, the phone will show you what's eating your bettery.  On my phone, it's usually the screen and voice calls teaming up to eat about 80 to 90% of the battery life.

Assuming that you have enabled everything you can to minimize the battery usage by the screen, the next thing it to anticipate your needs and be pro-active about it.  I have a charger in the car, by the bed and in the living room.  I also keep one in my studio.  Makes things pretty easy.

Even when I'm on the run, I'm usually close enough to some place that I can top off the battery and keep running.


I've solved this in a pretty easy way.  I purchased the Samsung offered Galaxy S spare battery/charger combo.  I switch batteries one time a day.  I've found if once I see the "green" led on my charged battery if I unseat and reseat the battery then it will be given a greater charge, how long it takes doesn't matter.

I'm currently getting, based on real life usage, around 20-30 hours of battery life.  This includes a few hours of phone calls, use of wifi, bluetooth, and occasional 4G.  This is recieving 100s of emails through 2 different email accounts, and keeping network based location services on 100% of the time.

Things I've done to help improve my battery performance:

1. Always do the Airplane Mode reseting the radio after powering on the phone.

2. I use Startup Auditor to both kill certain applications at start-up and keep some applications from coming back alive.

3. Regular use of Task Manager and AppControl

4. Keep my screen brightness at the lowest setting

5. disable screen animations

6. Limited widgets and applications on my home screens

7. Only use 3 home screens.

8. No use of live wallpapers.

9. I let my battery run to almost dead everytime. (call me old fashioned, just do it out of habit)

I have been using Android Phones for well over a year and none of the above things are really new to battery saving (Airplane Mode thing is new for the Epic, however, the Moment had its own unique things as well).

I am running the Sprint released 2.1update1 SW version, and this is an unrooted phone.


This issue has been addressed -  try a searching the Forum there are lots of discussion on this issue.

I have had my phone since Day 1. At first Battery life was pretty bad but now I easity get 16 hours or more a day.

A big Battery killer for me is when I play too many games

Make sure you are on the latest update of Android (I'm on 2.1 with update 1).

Use your pull down menu to manage your radios.

Keep GPS, Blue Tooth and Wifi Radios off if not in use.   


Well I can tell you the first time I got this phone seemed like the batery drained really fast. I think part of the problem is that since it was a new phone I could not put it down and I kept on using it all the time. But once I fell into more normal usage patterns I notice that this was not as much of a problem any more. But there are many good suggestions to reduce your battery usage. The two main battery killers as many have mentioned are the radios (more you have on and the more the phone has to search for signal the worse it is) and the screen. So if you reduce the brightness and turning off un-used radios. I also now have a car charger, charger at my desk, and one at home. Using all three I can keep my phone charged and I have never had it die on me yet.

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Thanks to everyone for their post.. I had already begun working on the power zappers reducing all the possibilities of extra power drainage. Changing settings, timeouts and the like. I am limiting my surfing, no music maybe an occasional video otherwise this is limited as well.   I have a battery charger everywhere I turn just in case.. And make sure that I have the phone plugged in all night for an uninterrupted full charge, this has seemed to help as well.  I limit the usage of the voice activated text messaging which seems to be a power hog.

I have at least increased the usage by proximately 3 hours, from about 5 to 8..

Now, if the QWERTY keyboard would auto-replace or suggest words for text, I might actually like this phone.  Even if you deselect the options for the android keyboard it still doesn't work. It will auto-cap and auto-punctuate works, but not the auto-replace.

Feeling better


Are you talking about the slide out keyboard or the on screen key board? If you are using the on screen keyboard you may not know this but the default is swype key board. You drag your finger to all the letter of the word you are trying to spell and if swype can match the pattern will input the word for you. If it is not sure of the word you are trying to spell then it will display list of words. The only keyboard that has auto replace is the default android key board which you can change to if you dont like the swype one.


The first few days I had my Epic, the battery life was atrocious.  I practically killed it one before I even finished work (it was down at like 4%).  However, that was likely because I was playing with it a lot.  Once I got into a more regular routine, lasting through the work day became less of an issue.  I do most of what schwasj4586 noted except using the start-up killers and task managers.  I've heard mixed things on task managers, and have decided to avoid them.  To me that's safer than risking messing up something by killing something incorrectly / that shouldn't / etc.

Even after turning off WiFi, Bluetooth (almost always off), 4G (same), GPS, and background sync, my battery still tends to drain a good 65% during a regular work day, even if I'm not using it very much, leaving me with ~35% power.  I'm pretty much convinced that this is because I have an interior office (no windows) and not-great cell coverage there.  I was working from home today, left WiFi, GPS, and sync on, and I still have close to 70% of my battery power left (only ~30% drain).  In the absence of better cell coverage at work, or the unlikely event of getting a better office, I'm probably stuck with draining to ~30% left in ~9 hours. So I think the signal strength my be an important factor, too -- better signal = less searching/straining = less battery usage.

I suppose I could put the phone in to airplane mode and shut off the radios completely, but then I couldn't use it for much and people couldn't contact me on it, so I try not to do that if I can avoid it.  I do carry a Sprint battery/charger with me though, so if I'm draining a bit too much or too fast, I can give the phone a quick charge mid-day.  This can be useful at times.

I hope this is of some help.  And while I definitely understand that fancy devices like the Epic draw a lot of power, barely making it through a work day isn't exactly good battery life.  I wish they could make (much) higher capacity batteries in a small enough form factor to avoid bulking up phones like this.  Then we wouldn't have so many issues with our batteries running out.


Yes a major problem with many of these moble devices is the fact that it is always trying to search for a signal. This not only drains the battery but I have also read some articles about how it brings a lot of stress to the data network as well. So if they could find a way to stop searching for signals so much, then batteries on many of these cell phone would last longer while they are on stand by. That does not solve the battery usage problems when the phone is on and you are using it. That we will need advances in battery technology to improve that.


Look into an app called "Ultimate Juice."  It has many different functions to help preserve battery.

I have mine setup to check my email once an hour. (it turns 3G on to do this and turns it back off after) I have it setup that when i open certain apps (browser, gmail, market, etc.) that is will activate 3G and not when i have a program open that doesn't require it.  Set it for night mode so from 12am to 6am it doesn't check the email once an hour.

It has more functions and options and you can check out a free version called "Juice Defender"  that has some but not all the features.


I had the same issues and after much reading and adjusting I think I have the battery life where it needs to be. For me I think the major drain is searching for a cell signal. I don't always do the airplane mode trick so hopefully when that bug is fixed I can get even more life. My phone is now going on it's second day from last charge and it's at 32%. I did turn on airplane mode over night to save battery life. I also switched to k9 mail to handle my non gmail accounts and I think it might work more efficiently.

I might get an app so I can have the phone turn on airplane mode automatically. My BlackBerry had awesome battery life but it had the ability to sleep at a scheduled time built in (which is essentially airplane mode). Plus it didn't have wifi or a screen I would use for browsing.

Besides the obvious stuff like live wallpaper and turning off 4g if not being used, I think the big issue is cell standby. When/if that is fixed I think it will work out well.

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