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To keep or not to keep?


To keep or not to keep?

My Epic 4G is turning into a Epic headache. Despite my best judgement, I got hooked on the screen, and after having a Mogul three years ago, the Epic didn't seem that bad in size for the features it offers.

But now, running from issue to issue, from the 3G upload cap (which i managed upgrade manually to DI18) and the GPS with a margin of error accurate to the size of an area code and impossible to navigate with;  I'm faced with sucking it up, or returning it. I'd really hate to return it because I'm not really in a good state of mind to compensate Sprint further for a $35 restocking fee, so I imagine this will probably end my relationship with Sprint as well.

I accepted the 4G tax. I accepted activation fee. I accepted the fact the fact I could buy this phone from anywhere else but Sprint for cheaper, but brought it from Sprint anyway to avoid issues. I accepted the fact to get help at a corporate store took two hours. I'm loosing the peace here but is anyone here feel that despite whats going on here with the Epic, it's still worth it to wait it out?

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Re: To keep or not to keep?

Return it.  If it causes you that much pain and headaches then it's never worth it.

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