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Twlauncher force close....HELP!


Twlauncher force close....HELP!

For the past week or so, my Samsung Epic pops up with this error code:

"The application TwLauncher (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

Then I have to force close it. I have tried shutting off and restarting and even taking the battery out for about a minute and trying again...this happens about 10-20 times daily! Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Twlauncher force close....HELP!


Sorry about the problem you are having with your Samsung Epic. Try this step and let me know if this helps: Try going to settings/applications/manage applications and select the "all" tab at the top. Find "twlauncher" and clear data.



Re: Twlauncher force close....HELP!

Thanks for your advice...unfortunately that button wasn't highlighted so I couldn't click on it...any other ideas? 🙂


Re: Twlauncher force close....HELP!


1. Take the battery out of the phone and then place it back.

2. Turn the phone on, get ready to quickly choose things on the screen when it comes up.

3. As soon as it appears press the menu button and choose settings (should be the lower right corner)

4. Once you get into settings you can slow down since you already beat TwLauncher before it tried to load up, choose Applications > Manage Applications

5. Scroll to TwLauncher, and choose it.

6. Choose Clear Data, then go back home.

This occurs because something has corrupted a file that the launcher application needs, so the launcher is crashing, then attempting to restart, and craching again in an endless loop, clearing the data clears out that corrupted file and it will regenerate a new blank file to start from again. Some settings like home screen icon locations, etc may need to be changed again, but all of your other applications, contacnts, settings, etc. will be complately intact.


Re: Twlauncher force close....HELP!

I looked at another post that helped me figure it out but thank you!!

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