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Update for Samsung Epic


Update for Samsung Epic

I ran the Android update this morning.  I left my phone sitting.  Two hours later, it's stuck in a loop.  I pulled the battery and let the phone sit for a few minutes three times.  Each time my phone goes to the Samsung startup screen, goes black, then starts all over again.  Now I am reading that even if the update was successful, I've lost a lot of my info.  It would have been nice if this had been made clear when I got the update message, as well as what the update was for.  Now I am going to have to make a visit to a Sprint store before my phone is usable again.  My phone was just fine without the update.  THANKS A LOT SPRINT!!!


Re: Update for Samsung Epic

Well i just got my update today and my went fine i have no isusees with it my work very well.

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