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Update problems


Update problems

Since the update my phone will no longer open my camra or music player. It will not let me touch any of my music without force closing or turning my screen all black and freezing.

Any idea on what to do to fix this or do i have to reset my whole phone ?

Sprint told me to restart my phone but i did that plenty of times with no luck at all.


Read my post. It worked for me.


We have found that resetting the phone works.  In most cases the music and photos are on the sd memory card but can't be viewed.  Just restarting will not fix the issue.  You will lost personal information and messages on the phone so you may want to backup items before you proceed.  I use SMS Backup and Restore for my text messages.  You will also need to log back in to your Gmail account and go to the market and redownload any apps you have installed.  For the specific reset instuctions please call back to Sprint customer care and tell them you need to RTN your phone.  As always you can also visit a Sprint store.

Hope this helps - I am sending you a private message to try to arrange a call out to you to get this fixed. I am available until 3pm today.


Sprint Tech


Here is something I found that may be helpful to avoid resetting your device:

If you're like me, and you got the OTA Froyo 2.2.1 update earlier this evening, you're probably pretty annoyed by the consequences.

After my update I experienced the following problems:

1. Music player would force close.

2. Alarm clock would force close (after trying to add alarm).

3. Gallery would show "No items".

4. Camera would force close.

After a chat with Samsung, I figured out it's not the update. It's the SD card.

I can't tell you why the new update had this glitch, but it's a simple fix.


Copy all SD files onto computer.

Put SD card back in phone, then format SD card. (settings--->SD card and storage----> unmount sd card--------->format sd card)

You may or may not have to unmount before formatting the sd card, but I did.

Then, transfer all the files from your computer back to your SD card.

Insert SD card into phone.

All these applications should work now.

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