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Updating from OS 2.1


Updating from OS 2.1

I have yet to receive any notifications about an update to the OS I am currently running from Sprint. I bought my Epic back in August of last year and they said that the OS 2.2 would be released a month later and then it was to be released in December. How can I get my hands on the updated version? Does updating wipe out the phones data and settings? Since 2.1 does not allow you to back up your phones data and settings (only what's on your SD card), I don't want to lose everything I have placed on it over the past year. Is it really worth the update?


Updating from OS 2.1

FWIW, my Epic also does not see any available update to Android. I'm currently at 2.1, and if I ask it to update Android it tells me there is no update available. Is there some magic that must occur before I can update (Phone was purchased in January)?

Maybe the next step is to take it to the Sprint store... but that's always a half-hour wait, usually with no help.


Updating from OS 2.1

I had this issue with my Epic also, and what I had to do was a factory data reset on the device. Before you do this, you will loose all data on the phone, so make sure your contacts are in your gmail account and you can access it. You will have to download your app's again and setup your e-mail, but the 2.2 update should push through. To do the factory data reset, it can be found in menu>settings>SD card and storage or privacy, and choose factory data reset. Once that has run, before you sign into your Google account or anything else, go to menu>settings>about phone>system updates>update firmware. This worked for me, hopefully it does for you also. Please let me know of your progress.

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