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Uploading videos to YouTube through the YouTube app


Uploading videos to YouTube through the YouTube app

I'm having all sorts of trouble uploading videos to YouTube using the YouTube application on my Epic. It tells me I need a WiFi signal to upload (because I'm not in a 4G market) & then when I turn on my WiFi it acts like it's going to start the upload, but never says "Uploading 1%" but flips to "re-trying in 1 minute".I've spoken to Sprint who told me they don't support the applications on the phone, but the phone itself & to contact Samsung. I contact Samsung & they tell me to contact Sprint. Nobody here seems to want to do their job, which is making the phone I purchased WORK the way it says it will!

Yes, I realize that the easy solution is to pull the SD card & transfer the video to my laptop & upload it from there, but I bought my laptop to do a job & I bot this phone because it advertised the ability to do THIS job! Why is it asking for so much to get a device that I paid a good deal of money for & signed a NEW 2 yr contract to get, to do what it advertised that it could do?

Here are the specs, I'm running my Epic 4G:

Build # SPH-D700 ECLAIR.DI18

Firmware version 2.1 update 1

YouTube application version 1.5.20

my WiFi connection signal strength is good, speed 54 Mbps, security is WEP

Please tell me I'm not an immortal screwup. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sounds like YouTube is having an issue.  Let me test . . .

Connected via WiFi:

Record dinky video (limit for MMS)

Hit play

Hit Share

Hit YouTube.

Upload complete.

Connected via 3G only:

No luck.  Been hanging out for 5 minutes getting 'Failed to connect, retrying'

Reaching out to the product team...

Couple points I've found:

1) Even if recorded in 720p HD, the on-phone upload of videos to YouTube resizes them down to 320x240.

2) The fastest way to get HD videos uploaded to YouTube is to use the market app, WiFi File Explorer.  Connect the phone to WiFi, launch the app, point your browser at the URL listed in the app.  Boom!  Easy web-based secure file transfer from your phone to your PC.  Copy the 3GP file from the phone, then upload the full HD video to YouTube.

So, my solution has been to upload videos using WiFi File Explorer to copy to the laptop, then upload to YouTube from the laptop.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
Sprint Product Ambassador

Been playing around with it more today and been able to upload 10, 20 and 30 second videos (15MB, 30MB and 45MB) at 1280x720p directly from the phone.  After a while Youtube does properly encode the videos to have 720p playback.

I'm currently connected via WiFi at home (nice 10/1MB connection).  I'll take some more data points and follow up.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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