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What has been the holdup with 2.2


What has been the holdup with 2.2

I've seen lots of posts about Sprint's apps being the reason the Epic doesn't have 2.2 and then other posts saying that Samsung has always been slow with releasing software updates. But, Sprint released the update for the Evo and it's certainly not the only US carrier that hasn't updated a Galaxy S phone to 2.2. And, as for Samsung, they have already released the 2.2 update to Galaxy S phones in other countries. I've just started wondering, is there something about phones in the US that contributes to the delay?


Re: What has been the holdup with 2.2

I honestly don't think that information will ever be known.

The Galaxy S line of phones in the U.K. have supposedly been updated to 2.2.

The Fascinate and Vibrant for Telus Mobile in Canda have been updated to 2.2.

The Intercept in the U.S. has been updated to 2.2.

I've tried asking Samsung by way of Twitter, Chat, and phone call as to what the hold up is with the update. While both companies seem to understand the frustration of customers waiting for the update, neither company has provided any information about what is going on.

Maybe an indication of things to come was the product page for the Epic on Samsung's website being updated to reflect the fact that it runs the 2.2 OS, and then apparently it was changed to reflect what is actually on the phone. Supposedly, according to a post over at, Samsung did the same thing for the Fascinate on Verizon (updating the product page on Samsung to reflect it has 2.2 ).

There seems to be some speculation of waiting until after CES to release 2.2 for the Epic. If that is the case, what is the significance of the CES in terms of releasing the update? Does it truly take this long to test an update? Given that when the update was released for the Intercept and it supposedly bricked many phones, could there be multiple tests going on to ensure that the same thing won't happen for the Epic? Is it likely that some of the bricked Intercepts were from installing the official release on top of an unofficial release or was there actually a bug that needed to be fixed?

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