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What's the current Android version I should have?

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What's the current Android version I should have?

Hi, What Android version should I have on my phone? I believe what I have is called "Gingerbread". When I go into Settings | About Phone, I see:

Firmware version


Baseband version


Kernel version

Build number


Hardware version


I would like to download the Chrome browser from the Play Store, but it's telling me, "Your device isn't compatible with this version." Is it my Samsung II Epic 4G, or is it my operating system version?

Thanks for any help you can give me on this.

While I realize that I am a beggar who should be a chooser, and will welcome any helpful or correct answer, the answers that generally help me the most fit the following profile:

1. Proper case and sentence structure - In other words, not a lower-case-only message with run-on sentences.

2. Very few abbreviations, although I realize that on a mobile device, it has become a way of life. I am the original poster, not the OP. And I am not a "bro". More accurately, I'm a "sis", but I don't think of myself that way, either.

3. No emoticons.

Thanks (not tx, thx, or thkx) in advance (not TIA) for any help you (not u) can give me on this.


Re: What's the current Android version I should have?

Thanks for reaching out, according to the information you provided your phone has the latest android version. For more information please visit this page


Sprint Social Media Care Team

Re: What's the current Android version I should have?

Thanks for this answer. So we have not gotten an update since March. Is this because the Samsung Epic is now a "mature" product that will no longer be supported?

Re: What's the current Android version I should have?

Currently there is no information on any new updates for the Epic, new software updates are contingent on Samsung making these updates available to Sprint. You can check periodically for software upgrades by visiting the link I sent you previously. 


Sprint Social Media Care Team


Re: What's the current Android version I should have?

I hate to be one of "those guys", but since giving up and switching to CyanogenMod10 (Android 4.1.2), this phone behaves SO MUCH BETTER.

The phone's now over two years old - so you probably don't have much to lose - give it a shot. (You'll wish you'd done it sooner...)


Re: What's the current Android version I should have?

Even better now - CyanogenMod10.1 (Android 4.2.2) as of 20131026 nightly build.

FYI - I don't have any affiliation with anyone working on this; I am merely a user who gave it a try (for free, I might add).

I was about ready to pitch this Epic 4G and get a new phone. By the time the latest "official" update was implemented, it made my phone freeze up all the time (where I'd have to pull the battery at least once every day or every other day). I tried numerous wipes/resets but the problems remained. I was at wit's end, and almost ready to scrap it completely and buy another phone (but I hesitated because I like the slideout keyboard so much!).

Ditching the "official" version and figuring out how to install CyanogenMod has made all the difference in the world - once I got it figured out, I have no problems with the phone now, so it just may suit my needs just fine for many more years to come - I imagine I have saved myself a ton of money by NOT just giving up on it and buying another phone!

Again, read up on it, and make your own decision - but I am a real person writing this, and I'm just saying this has made a drastic improvement for my Epic 4G.

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