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Which Email Setup Is Best for Gmail and Yahoo Mail?


Which Email Setup Is Best for Gmail and Yahoo Mail?

I used the application icon called "Email" to set up my Yahoo email account, and that seems to be working.  I noticed another application icon called "Gmail".  Is it better to setup my Gmail account using the "Gmail" icon, or using the "Email" icon?  What are the pros and cons of either way?  I noticed that to setup using "Gmail" it firsts asks to setup or login to a general Gmail account which is separate from the Gmail email account itself.  It's sort of unclear what the ultimate purpose of this is - does it have advantages, or does it cause problems?

Also, Yahoo has its own mobile email application that can be installed.  Would that be better than setting Yahoo up the way I did?  I guess ideally I'd want to be informed of any email arriving in Gmail or Yahoo on the mobile phone - and be able to easily read a message and maybe respond to it.  I would not use the phone to replace my Yahoo and Gmail accounts, and I would do the vast majority of email work on the PC, not on the Epic.

So I'm confused about the options here, and don't want to do something that will lock me into something I later find I don't like, or that will mess up either of these email accounts.

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Re: Which Email Setup Is Best for Gmail and Yahoo Mail?

That is a good question!

Here's been my experience:  The stock email client loaded on the Android phones provides a good set of basic features for managing your email account.  To access some specialized features in different email systems (lables or priority inbox in Gmail for example) you will want to download and use the advanced email client.

Here's what I use:

Stock email client: Work Exchange account.

K9 Mail: Home IMAP account

GMail: Home GMail account

One advantage is that I keep all emails in their separate apps.

One disadvantage is that I don't see all the emails in a unified inbox view.

Who else has comments on the best setup for GMail and Yahoo mail?


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Re: Which Email Setup Is Best for Gmail and Yahoo Mail?

I use Gmail for, well, my gmail accounts, and K-9 Mail for everything else (2 home ISP-based POP accounts, 2 yahoo accounts, and one hotmail account).

I also have all of these non-gmail accounts also set up in the stock e-mail client, because sometimes K-9 does funny things with forwarding messages or trying to download from links in messages. So it's good to be able to open a given message in the stock client when I want to do something with it that K-9 doesn't seem to handle well.


Re: Which Email Setup Is Best for Gmail and Yahoo Mail?

I like the idea of simplification, and that's why I'm trying to use the generic email to keep track of both accounts.  To me the most important feature is the icon on the upper bar that shows up when a new mail arrives. It also gives a little sound, and lets you know the account the new mail message as in.  Unfortunately, this feature on the Epic 4g appears to be useless, in that, for most of the time, no icon appears when there is a new message(s), and often an icon appears when there are no new messages (the latest one signaled the arrival of 25 new messages, where there were actually none).  I can't depend on it and don't trust it, and end up having to go to the PC to check my email, as I did before I got the phone.  If I could be assured that both the dedicated Gmail and Yahoo mobile mail clients could at least accurately signal the arrival of emails on this phone, I think I would switch to them, though the simplicity would then be lost.  Again, unfortunate.  Am I doing something wrong?  Within the email application itself, I have each account set to check every 30 minutes.

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