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Why can't I receive calls on my mobile car phone via cell phone bluetooth?


Why can't I receive calls on my mobile car phone via cell phone bluetooth?

I have just purchased a new car with a mobile phone package.  I pair my phone with no issues.  I can place a call with no issues, but when someone calls me, only my cell phone rings.  My husband has the EVO...he paired the phone and had no issues with receiving a call.

Any ideas?

Sprint Employee

Hello BGEORGEU1, sorry to hear of your trouble using bluetooth, to be honest there could be a few items causing trouble. depending on who made your car kit, and which capabilities were enabled you may have different experiences based on a number of factors, for the most reliable method to correct this you should follow these steps, first delete/unpair the device both from your phone and his phone, second (if your Car supports this action) delete all paired devices from the car, turn off bluetooth (for car and both phones), turn on bluetooth for your phone and car, then follow the manufacturer's pairing instructions. at this point you should see or hear an indication that pairing has completed and that headset, and or A2DP profiles have connected at which point you should be able to place and receive calls via bluetooth. please let me know if you have any trouble, and if you do please let me know at which point in the process you have difficulty.

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