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Why does Sprint not allow Samsung PC Studio?


Why does Sprint not allow Samsung PC Studio?

I'm amazed that there is a Samsung designed software that will allow you to backup your Galaxy S phone (exception Sprint Epic), sync with Microsoft Outlook, sync pictures, etc..  Why has Sprint decided not to allow this product to work with it's Samsung phones.  HTC has a sync software and Sprint allows this product to work with their HTC phones.  I love my Samsung phone for the screen quality, but maybe I should have gone with Verizon.  Verizon allows their phones to work with Kies and PC Studio.  I would love someone from Sprint to explain this one.  Plus I'm still waiting for my update to 2.2.   Although 2.2 is out of date now and 2.3 is the lastest.  It is sad that Carriers limit updates so they can sell the newer phones.  What about all the people who have already invested in phones.  At least give us all the updates for 2 - 3 years unless the phone can't handle the newest updates.  I don't think that is major request.  Don't make me think that I made the wrong choice on phone and carrier.

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