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Why doesn't END call button work??


Why doesn't END call button work??

Is it just me or are others facing the same issue of when you are done with a call, you press the red END button and not get disconnected. I usually have to press it 4 or more times and most likely than not, it ends the call because the other caller has ended it... Any ideas what to do??


Why doesn't END call button work??

Try pressing the end button very lightly, I found the screen to be very sensitive and pressing or tapping harder had the opposite effect of what I thought.

You can always set your power button to end calls also,  look under    "menu/Accessibility and check the box" (If you get the pop up window you can just hit cancel to get past it)  For me that's easier because I can feel the button and don't have to be looking at the phone to end a call.

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