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android 2.2 update


android 2.2 update

has any one been able to either get adobe flash or , android update 2.2 instead of waiting for samsung.

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Hey, this group made some Android News:

Sprint says Froyo for Epic 4G just a leak, advises not to install

Posted on Monday, Dec 6, 2010 by Jerry Hildenbrand

Epic 4G Froyo leak

Contrary to what you might be reading elsewhere, the DK28 Froyo firmware for the Sprint Epic 4G is not the official Froyo build.  According to Sprint's Epic Product Manager:

...this is not approved software for Sprint production devices and we strongly recommend that users refrain from loading it.

While we're sure this is news nobody wanted to hear, but it could be important in the future when the official update does roll out.  Ask an Evo 4G user or two about that. [Sprint support forums]


What would be nice would be a step by step instruction guide, such as the one briefmobile used (closely quoted below),  with file link to return our phone back to its previous 2.1 build.

For example:

download the required file here:

rename the file to

move the file to your storage on teh Epic 4g (Mount USB storage and drag the into root folder)

Apply the sdcard from recovery mode (if you don't know how, click at this link:__________ )

Congratulations!  You are back to 2.1 and your GPS works!

Can anyone fill in the blanks here?


^ YES, PLEASE!  What he said  ^


There is this link but I'm not sure what exactly to download and update. (Modem, Kernel, ROM etc... maybe somone could shed some light.... Thanks!


Greetings all anxious Epic users.    I spent a ton of time over in the Moment forum before selling that thing on Ebay and cutting my losses.   I love the Epic, its out of the box and working great for about a month now.    I got all the OTA's up to Eclair, and this phone IS what the Moment should have been.

But like so many here I wanted 2.2.1, yep.

So 2 days ago I followed the path of downloading the and running it from the Recovery Mode.   All was good except it broke GPS.  Totally broke it.

After reading a TON of threads on XDA developers, I found what I thought was the cure.    And it worked, albeit a little different from what they are commonly saying.

I downloaded the Odin utility and the DI18 flash file and flashed my Epic back to DI18.    Booted up in DI18 and got a couple of good GPS locks using Maps.    Then I ran the again, and now my Epic is on 2.2.1 with GPS working fine.

The Odin utility and the DI18 flash, and the Odin .pit file are what you need.    And the off the google servers, not from anywhere else ( as best as I can tell ).

We are in touchy territory here on the Sprint Community putting a lot of detail in about this, since we need to respect the fact that Sprint has not released this officially.    I don't know how much longer this thread will remain open, but suffice it to say if you have run the 2.2.1 and lost GPS, the method above recovers it nicely.  So far, no issues.

How Sprint's official Froyo OTA release will plug and play with the 2.2.1 in the remains to be seen. 

As they say, CAVEAT EMPTOR or whatever... don't run the file unless you are willing to risk a broken GPS.    Also, if you are not 100.00% comfortable with using some of the tools and files required to flash the broken GPS 2.2.1 install back to DI18, don't update it in the first place.   Be patient and wait for the official Sprint release and/or OTA update.

Just my .02 cent worth.   YMMV.   🙂



I just updated to the 2.2.1.

It was easy after reading up on it.

I'll pull the websites and post them shortly.


This site was the easiest to follow, even had some hot buttons for additional information.


It appears that the links in that bit of instruction on how to revert back to 2.1 are no longer valid.

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I'm in the MidWest US they worked fine.

I'ts 9:47 am and they just worked again.

Here is the info from the hot link;

This article describes how to put your Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint  into Android’s “recovery mode” or the phone’s “download mode.”

Recovery Mode

  1. Turn your Epic 4G off
  2. While the phone is off, hold down the “Volume Down” button, “Camera” button, and “Power” button and hold them
  3. Now you will boot into Recovery Mode

Use  the volume rocker to navigate through the menu options, use the “Home”  button to select options, and the “Menu” button to toggle “manual mode.”

Recovery Mode allows you four options:

  • reboot system now
  • apply
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • wipe cache partition

Reboot system now – This will simply reboot the device and bring you back to a powered on, normal state.

Apply – This will take any “” file on the sdcard  and apply the changes to the phone. files are often used for  root procedures, ROM installations, and device modifications as well as  updates.

Wipe data/factory reset – This will wipe all of the data  and applications on the phone and reset the Epic 4G to stock factory  data and settings.

Wipe cache partition – This action wipes cached  data on the phone’s memory. Some device modifications will request or  require this action prior to installation

Download Mode

  1. Turn your Epic 4G off
  2. While the phone is off, hold down the “1″ key on the QWERTY keyboard while holding the “Power” button
  3. Now you will boot into Download mode

Download mode is often used when flashing firmware updates. It can be used with the Odin 3 firmware program on Windows.


Froyo install instructions

  1. Download the Froyo update for Sprint Epic 4G
  2. RENAME the file to “”
  3. Move the file to your storage on the Epic 4G (Mount USB storage and drag the into root-highest-up folder)
  4. Boot your device into “recovery mode”
  5. Apply the sdcard from Recovery Mode
  6. Congratulations! You now have Android 2.2.1 Froyo (DK28) on your Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint!

Here's what your SDCard Tree should look like, give or take some personal settings, the is at the bottom of the main files.



Flashing Froyo 2.2.1 was easy and works fine... my question is, is there a "" file that will take you back to stock 2.1?  Reason being when the official OTA update comes from Sprint we may need to revert back to 2.1 in order to receive this. Does anyone know???

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