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keeps resending my e-mails


keeps resending my e-mails

My Epic resends my e-mails multiple times.  This is embarasing to me and annoying to the recipients.  Sometimes they are resent several times in a row, but once I sent a photo that came one or more times daily for over a week (my wife still hasn't let me forget that). Only one address appears in the message on my phone, but if I look up the sent message on line in my <gmail>, I see the recipient listed multiple times. How do I fix this?

Need to add that this is using <gmail> and it makes no difference whether it is a new e-mail or a reply to an incoming e-mail.  There is also no difference whether or not the recipient is in my contact list

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     Are you using the default mail application on the phone or are you using the gmail application? I would suggest a number of different troubleshooting steps to try to resolve it. Starting with deleting and readding the gmail account from the phone. Is it happening with all of your contacts or is it just some? If it is only some try to find a common denominator. Try to delete one of the contacts or creating a new one then send a test email to see if it still happens with the modified/new contact.

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