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no one can hear me on phone


no one can hear me on phone

I just got this this on release date, and never tried the phone out. Seems though no one can hear me. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

Is the phone defective. Also I received an error message last evening of the battery being too hot so charging has been paused. I could not clear the message. I had to turn the phone off for about an hour with the battery out to clear this.


Re: no one can hear me on phone

Well after a bit of time with the phone support from Sprint, this is resolved.

Seems you can not have earbuds in the phone and use the phone function. Googles search voice feature will work so the microphone is not disabled altogether due to earbuds, just the phone application. It was stated this would be sent ot the "programmers" to see what could be done.

I never thought twice of it being earphones as my win phone worked in this mode with no problem. So at work, should I receive a call on my cell, I have to remember to unplug the earphones before I answer the phone.

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