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problems with epic downloading from market??


problems with epic downloading from market??

I have tried so many different things and nothing is working.  I can't download any apps.  It will allow me to see it, select install and ok and even says that it will download yet it won't stay in the task bar or it will say it was unsuccessful.  I have tried checking and clearing the cache, uninstalling updates within market and even made sure there was plenty of space on the phone for apps.  Which i still have alot of space.  But nothing is working.  Has anyone else had this issue and been able to fix it???  Please help!


Re: problems with epic downloading from market??

Normally download issues are due to bad connection. I'm not sure if you're on 3G or 4G.

If you have turned on your 4G, turn it off and try again.


Re: problems with epic downloading from market??

There were a lot of people having issues with Market downloads over the last day or so as Google went live with their web-based Market page.

Engadget even reported about it:

I would recommend trying to download something via the web-based site to your phone and seeing if that fixes it. Also try logging in and then back out of Google Talk. I know this doesn't seem like it will do anything, but I've had it fix Market download issues in the past for me on both my Hero and Epic.

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