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I have had the epic 4g for a week now and overall I am very happy with most of it. I have still yet to find a FB app that is on par with my BOOST MOBILE phone's FB app...that still boggles my mind...and I have the most up to date one I could find.

The back button rarely works on the first try, usually taking a few full thumb-print type motions for it to work...several phones seem to have the same problem from the post's that I have read.

My biggest concern and the issue that most angers me is that this self-described multi media powerhouse, that we all paid more than any other phone on the network, that records in 720 hd has a MIC that is TERRIBLE. I was just at a concert and standing well back of the speakers, far enough away that I could have a conversation about my phone with a friend, and i recorded lots of footage.

When I got home I played the video and was shocked to hear that it sounded like white noise. Just useless...and I planned on uploading all of this footage so a few friends from hawaii could see...I had to send pics instead.

The most aggravating part of all this is that my co workers iphone sounds great at several concerts that he has been to, not to mention the fact that his 5 mp camera makes my 5 mp camera look more like 2 mp!!

Thats it...I had to get this off my chest. I was very close to getting an iphone but had too many friends with them already and didn't wanna be another drone.

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