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samsung epic 4g 2.3?


Re: samsung epic 4g 2.3?

I agree with fox, I am so sick of people complaining about these devices when they don't know anything about them, and refuse to learn. The complexity of the device in your hand is so outstanding, you can't even begin to understand. Think about just the screen. Your phone is calculating 480x800 pixels every 1/50th of a second. That means that every second, the phone has to send an on or off signal to each one of the 3 colors in each of the 384000 pixels 50 times. Thats 57.6 million things happening every second! A person wouldn't be able to handle that in a lifetime. These things are complex and no one can decide whether a device is good or not unless they know what they are talking about. I would like to say that first off, I love this phone. Even stock, it runs great and has minimal if any freeze ups or errors. Now, IF you put a homescreen replacement app on it, and don't use the samsung UI, it runs even quicker! (and it doesn't have hideous iphone graphics with ugly app squares). If you root and remove all of sprints apps that run even if you dont want them, (I don't need nascar updating all the time, I don't even like it) its a beast of a machine then. For those who don't want to go into rooting, you can fix any problems you have with a few simple settings changes. Run a new homescreen app, make sure facebook, twitter, weather, news, and all your other updates don't update every 10 minutes (that was the case when I bought mine), and remove any unnecessary stuff you can. The big thing is, that this isnt a phone anymore. At this point these are computers. Think about it, they are basically mini netbooks in your hands. If you have a bunch of apps running, or you are using all the battery by checking facebook 1000 times a day, you are going to have a bad experience. Try never closing apps and updating a million times a day on a standard laptop. I bet you will have laggy, slow experiences, with only 3 hours of battery. The only thing wrong with this phone, (in my experience) is the wifi toggle on the notification bar drop down. Some said they need a reboot, but if you go to the settings page, often you can click the wifi option and it will change from error to on.

Also, those saying to upgrade to HTC phones, HTC hardware is easily years behind samsung hardware. I don't care how "cool" the 3D is on the HTC, and lcd screen can never compare with amoled. I have had multiple htc and samsung smartphones and I can say that all of my htc's have fallen apart before I had my next upgrade. NONE of my samsungs have. Also, samsung has been making everything from tv's to refridgerators for almost 100 years. HTC is less than 20 years old. I'm not saying they make bad devices, I'm just saying that samsung quality is better. I don't even see why everyone is so antsy about the update. I had gingerbread on my Hero and it vastly improved that phones performance, BUT that phone really sucked and had half the specs this one has. I can't see any problems with this phone that gingerbread will fix. If you really want the latest and greatest, you need to go with a custom rom. Thats the only way to circumvent the provider and manufacturer delays associated with the os. That is, until ice cream sandwich comes out. Apparently google is going to take control of the mandatory provider apps and limit them on devices. This may take sprint out of the picture all together.

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