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someone PLEASE answer


someone PLEASE answer

Hi I'm an owner of the galaxy s epic 4g and I wanted to kno what happenes when I go tpreplace my broken epic at sprint, I read a while ago that you get a new phone since they o longer sell the original epic anymore.

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Re: someone PLEASE answer

If you have TEP insurance then we would refer you to go to or call 800 584-3666

The deductible is 100.00 for smart phones and 50 dollars for feature phones.  You should receive the exact model of device for which you are making a claim unless there is insufficient inventory and then they would tell you this...and it would be a device of similar or better value.)

If you don't have insurance, you would have to replace your device.  If you are looking for a phone and you go to and click shop, you can filter the devices by refurbished...and there are plenty of devices to choose from..many feature phones and a lot of  smart phones too.  There is free shipping, no contract, 30 day warranty, and a very greatly reduced price.

Thanks.  I hope this sufficiently provided you the information you were requesting.


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