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Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED


Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED

Product: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Jet Black 32 Gigabyte Smartphone


Voice quality on a connected call is garbled, with intermittent popping, morphing, cracking.

Resolution: credit to users

The posted Vocoder Fix

A. Obtain your SIX DIGIT MSL # from Sprint Support

B.  Go into the Note 3 dialing pad and enter ##3282#

C. Choose the "Edit" option. When prompted for your MSL #, enter it.

D.  Choose "Advanced". Change the top 3 vocoders to 13k

E. Reboot

F. TURN OFF WIFI AND GPS. Make sure you are in a location where you'll have as good a DATA (3G/4G/4GLTE) as you're going to get (for now). Go into Settings, and choosing the General tab up top, scroll down in its options to "Update". Update BOTH your Profile and your PRL.


Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED

Hello MomKam770,

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

I thought it prudent to lead Sprint Galaxy Note 3 subscribers with the Note 3 call quality issue over to the Sprint Community site

regarding this matter.You see, this fix is not without a disclaimer, and issues which we are discussing in an ongoing fashion. I won't be able to monitor this particular forum as I am spending most my efforts at

assisting with any issues that are associated with this "at your own risk" fix.

You were very kind to post this as people won't have to wade through pages of text to find it. However, this post above regarding a "solution" will not include updates and further current information to allow Sprint Note 3 users to make an informed decision as to whether they want to attempt this fix.Thus, anyone desiring updated information regarding this "at your own risk" proposed fix should visit the origin of the discussion at

This will allow them to be aware of issues and answers yup questions like:

1. Will this Vocoder fix affect my Data signal strength?

2. Will this fix void my warranty?

3. Are there any current issues associated with the fix?

4. When a proposed Samsung update comes out, should I revert my phone to its prior state?

5. Will spending you much time on this issue affect my interpersonal relationships? (Smile)

6. What are the return policies to avoid Sprint fees?

7. How far is the moon in miles?

8. Do I checkmark the band 41 box during this fix?

9. What is this fix and why am I doing it?

10. Should I simply do this? Or should I research it and the responses those who did have posted.

You see, it's much more involved for the average Sprint user than to just post the steps.

Thank you MomKam for caring about others in this issue.

Sincere thanks,


Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED

MomKam770 - Did this resolve your garbled voice call issue? Any other issues since or because of the changes you made?

Sprint Product Ambassador and Sprint employee --

All opinions and views are my own. But I'm usually pretty funny and totally on point because I'm humorous and a smart guy, not just a pretty face.

Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED

Sprint is aware of this problem and will be releasing a software update very soon. We do not recommend following these steps as they could cause other issues with your device. As soon as the update is available I will post the link in this thread.


Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint  - Update: SOLVED

Thanks John032060 for your dedication. Indeed intent was to prevent "wading through pages of text"

Will await the official update to resolve. Thanks!


Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint  - Update: SOLVED

Thank you 4Social - Looking very forward!


Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED


Re: Call quality Note 3 Sprint - Update: SOLVED

Yes, you can find information on it in this post as well that I just posted few minutes ago...

10/25 - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Software Update - MJ4

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