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Did anyone else just receive a firmware update for their Galaxy Note 3?


Did anyone else just receive a firmware update for their Galaxy Note 3?

I just received a firmware update for my Galaxy Note 3.  I haven't installed it yet.

Does anyone know anything about it?  Or where can we get details?



When did you get your Note 3? is it  a 19meg file I got that one when I first tuned the phone one


I got the phone the first day 10/4 and had an immediate upgrade.

But this is now my second phone...perhaps that is why.

I checked my version

Baseband is N900PVPUBMI5


kernel is  3.4.0-1646606  dated Sept 16

Must be the original update.  Anyway I installed it and there is no change to the popping, hissing, and screeching.

Guess I was too hopeful.

Phone gets returned tomorrow.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Yes, released same day as public availability. You can read details here:

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Thank you for reaching out to us. I’ll be happy to help.

Firmware updates are pushed to the device from the manufacture. They are usually updates to fix common error that customer are experiencing with the device. Are you getting any error messages? I’m here to help.

Thank you


Sprint Social Care Team.  


YES. NOTE3 calls had been dropping and no signal.

I had been using HTC EVO for 2 years and never had any signal issues at home ever. I still have it and works fine.

Got Note3 after waiting for 2 months for Sprint phone to be available.

Loved it as soon as I got it.. and internet, all apps work fine.

My colleague bought it too and we were going high with this ... and he happened to return it and buy another note3 with AT&T service.He is happy with calls now...

Why? it doesnt work at home- he said...

wow.. it seems to be ok with me I said .. and just pitied him having to deal with activation fee.

I did not realize it until I used it at home that as a phone its a disaster... it keeps disconnecting..

I was working from home and.. customer calls kept dropping.

I had to run to store and buy a vonage line to be able to work from home.

Went to Sprint store to return this and they said its purchased from Sprint store (CDW) and they can not return this as receipt is different.

Goto CDW store.

I had purcahsed it from Newpark mall Newark,ca store.  Looking at sprint store, there is no way one can make out that this is not Sprint store.. its exactly same as any other Sprint store.

Now .. I went ahead to return to newpark mall store.. The rep charged me $40 restocking fee !!! this is on top of $40 activation fee for which I need to talk to Sprint.

This is ridiculous !!! $80 for an instrument which I love but SPRINT can not make it working...

I love the instrument however with no phone signal its only good as any other tab.. and I can not afford to pay phone service for a tab.

The rep asked me rudely if you are having problem with instrument then why dont you give it a try for antenna..  wow.. that means I need to  carry that whereever I go with me !!!!

I have better things to do in life.

then he said you are the first customer to return this - heck look at your community blog and then tell me...

as a customer its ok but not corporate.. wow.. you worry for corp not customers .. there you go..

I am cancelling my other line too which fortunately is out of contract..

Will never come back to Sprint.

Frustated customer

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