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Galaxy Note 3 - 4.3 SIM ERRORS


Galaxy Note 3 - 4.3 SIM ERRORS

Hi, I recently just activated the Note 3 to my account and it seems i keep getting random SIM Card errors, Firstly i get an error saying that "The Phone Cannot Keep Up Sim Locked" or "No Sim" restart my phone. I have no idea whats going on with it, I even had to turn on my wifi just for the phone to activate, the weird thing about it is that it shows the "No Sim" in the top right corner of the phone, but it still gives me a 3g signal, but i can never get 4g lte and I know its available in my area, because I got 4g lte when I had my HTC EVO LTE. Just wondering if there is a fix to this, because I am paying for premium data and cannot even use it. I have been to the sprint store and swapped my Sim Card out 4 times in 2 days. I am on an employee account so Sprint cannot even access and switch things for me I have to leave come back and its getting frustrating. Has anyone else been experiencing this?


Re: Galaxy Note 3 - 4.3 SIM ERRORS


Thanks for the post. Even if you are on an employee account you should still be able to get tech support in store. That would be the best way to get this looked into. Did you buy the phone new? How long have you had it? Calling into Samsung directly may be an option as well.

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