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Galaxy Note 3 & Gear


Galaxy Note 3 & Gear

I thought i'd ask, not sure if someone has asked this before. But if you get the Note 3 on Sprint's network, does it matter where you purchase the Galaxy Gear from?

For example can you have the Note 3 on Sprint, but purchase the Galaxy Gear from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon etc..

Maybe one of the networks will put it on sale or something.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 & Gear


Thank you for your post. The Galaxy Gear is an accessory so it will not matter where it is purchased.

Thank you


Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Galaxy Note 3 & Gear

I had that same question.  I called Sprint Customer service and CSR told me that I had to. It the gear according to the service provider that my device is with.  She said they were not interconnectable e.g. Verizon note 3 and Sprint Gala y Gear.  Then I called Samsung themselves.  I figure who would be better to give me reliable information than the Manufacturer.  Samsung told me that's not true at all.  The Galaxy Gear's connection to the  Note 3 and all future devices is solely through Bluetooth 4.0 and would make absolutely no difference where you bought the Galaxy Gear from it would sync with an Note 3 on any Network.  Which makes it a lot better when you're trying to find a retailer that has it in stock and for price comparison.  I've been searching all over to find one cheaper than $299.  Not much luck so far.  I think its because they were just released yesterday and are as new as can be. I think over the next week or so sites like eBay, amazon and maybe directly will have them for a few bucks Cheaper.  So I'm hoping for the best.  If you hear about anything please let me know.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 & Gear


Thanks for the post. Your right, its similar to a hands free headset. It connects to your device and it does not hold service. It would not matter where you got the Gear. Im sorry you got the run a round. I feel this is like you said, because it is right out the gate new. When you get yours let us know how you like it. Im curious on how well it works and fits.


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