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Galaxy Note 3 Issue: Knox WHITE SHIELD Icon Appearing At Startup or Reset


Re: Galaxy Note 3 Issue: Knox WHITE SHIELD Icon Appearing At Startup or Reset

Since I clicked on the box that said, do not notify me for 30 days, I have not seen anything regarding the shield since and might not because of that option. So I cannot really comment on whether or not the underlying ad, [worded incorrectly stating that a program was stopped that tried to access my system), will indeed occur again.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 Issue: Knox WHITE SHIELD Icon Appearing At Startup or Reset


Thank you very much for the follow up.  We really do appreciate the way you posted that to help others that may encounter the same white shield issue.  Please let us know what happens at the 30 day mark.  Thank you.

Thank You,

Sprint Social Care Team

Michael C.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 Issue: Knox WHITE SHIELD Icon Appearing At Startup or Reset

Hi Folks...

I've got bad news and I have worse news. The bad news first. The bad news is that Google once to have access to your information and your online practices all the time.

I received my 5th Galaxy Note 3 today, and while the phone was going through its unusual processes, the caution window came up many times regarding whether I wanted Google to constantly monitor my applications to ensure that they were appropriate.

The worst: When Sprint started adding their bloatware to the phone, every application that was being installed by Sprint caused that caution window to appear. I had the choice to decline or say okay. I declined in every instance. I must have had to hit decline at least 7 or 8 times. This is also in combination with the faulty error message that comes up in the notification bar with the white shield symbol. When you tap on that notification, you are made aware that one of your programs were stopped because it tried to access your system. This is not true. It is a very bad attempt at getting you to fully install the knox software that was actually already installed underlying and interacting with the hardware of the phone. It is a ploy to get you to choose ok to have that Knox software go over your applications on a constant basis. You only have one choice with that KNOX notification, and that is to either choose "Do not show me this for 30 days", or to say OK. Choosing OK will only bring you to your applications menu and show you nothing about any program that has caused any problems. This is another attempt by Google at the hardware level to keep track of what's on your phone and what you do with your phone. Although there may be some positive benefits of having these programs, one should be aware that Google's outlook in to constantly monitor what you are doing on your phone with your phone where your phone is at. It is hard to get away from this model of functionality because the Android system is so ingrained in everything.

I doubt seriously that there will be a fix that will remove this message with the white shield in relationship to the Knox program. It is there for a specific reason. It is deceptive and it is for the purpose of getting you to install the Knox software.

I went into the PLAY STORE application and chose MY APPS. I then chose ALL. I then went down the list until I got to the KNOX program APP. Interestingly, the identification for that application stated that it is for the "AT&T phone only", yet I have a Sprint phone that this software was installed on (automatically without any agreement or choice on my part whatsoever.) I don't know what to make of that, or whether or not that has anything to do with the error and a deceptive message that comes up in your notification bar (The White KNOX shield). All I have done with that notification is to choose not to see it for 30 days. You can be sure that in 30 days, I'll see this message again and have to choose that option once more. It is a very poor business practice to have this popup deceptively on the phone alerting you of a problem that does not exist, so that you are scared into using that software to prevent the very thing its claiming has happened.

Just my two cents.


PS: I don't think I'm going to call sprint or Samsung on this because I don't think they're going to do anything about it and I just don't want to waste my time anymore either. I'm just going to keep hitting do not show me for another 30 days.

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