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Galaxy Note 3 Telephone Calls Garbled


Galaxy Note 3 Telephone Calls Garbled

If the Galaxy Note 3 calls are garbled on Sprint and Verizon (as reported in the forums) and some phones work OK (as also reported in the forums), then likely the problem is a hardware/manufacturing problem at Samsung.  If it were software, then a simple download would fix the problem and there would be no further complaints.

My beef with Sprint is that they treat new customers better than their loyal customers, which forces me to change to Verizon at the end of my contract. In the case of this phone Verizon has a (when compared to being stuck with a bad phone for two years) cost effective quick (6 month) phone upgrade plan. That should solve a bad hardware problem. The new LG G2 phone looks like an acceptable alternative to the Galaxy Note phones -- the screen is larger than the other Galaxy Phones but smaller than the note phones.

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