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Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?


Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Product: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White 32 Gigabyte Smartphone


Receiving voice quality on a connected call is garbled with intermittent popping and frequency morphing.

Conditions: During connected call and hears through speakerphone, or headphones, or earpiece speaker.

Not present on music, video nor recording playback. Only occurs during a connected call.  Receiving party hears me clearly on their end.

Steps taken:

Called Samsung. "It's a hardware issue. Return phone or send that one in for repairs".  Called Sprint: "All our towers are up and functioning in your area".


Returned first phone within one day of purchase. Repurchased Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (White). Same issue. Received call voice quality verified by Samsung rep at Best Buy. Exchanged phone #2.  Phone #3 exhibits the same poor call receive voice.  Three new phones. Same call quality.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thank you.

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I'm having the same issues calls dropped, snap, crackle, pop noises during calls! I Also noticed these same issues when using an app with my headphones connected. It was one of those binaural beat apps one that I used on my S3 with no issues. At first I thought the app was malfunctioning but now it seams to be and issue with the phone? I don't want to have to waste my time returning the phone if I'm just going to have to problem on a new one. But I also don't want to be stuck with a phone that is going to continuously have this issue!? Hoping someone figures something out soon, before it's to late to return if need be!!!


Lakewood CA.

I have excellent 4G lte now... thanks sprint!   I have had the note 3 for 3 days and on 100 percent of the calls i have the horrible popping crackling distorted digitized dropped segments of voice and now some dropped calls too.  I haven't dropped a call on my end in a couple years.... but when you call a land-line and it drops it must be your cell right? I really like this phone but.... I use the phone for business and its pointless to continue with the note 3 when i dread a customer incoming call or outgoing as i know that i will have to have them repeat almost every sentence as a few words will be unrecognizable and important such as addresses, phone numbers and job description.  I hope with the help of the community this issue will be quickly resolved.... Thanks everybody!

Shannon pm sent


Very odd. I tried making calls on kakao talk and Google voice. Both had no issues with the garbling. However I wasn't on Wi-Fi for either test calls. So if this a hardware issue then I should have had the same problem when using alternate calling programs. But since I made the three calls from the same place, it can't be a network issue either.

The garbling only happens on stock phone calling


I believe but not positive that kakao talk and Google voice use voip or voice over ip sending as data and not using the celluar radio of the phone?  Anybody knows?


Hello, and sorry you're all experiencing what I am.

I got the Sprint version of the Note 3 the day it came out, and right away I knew there was a problem.

I went through this whole process with the Galaxy "S" 2. It had horrible antenna reception (not that such is the current Note 3 issue).

Anyway, rather than call Sprint and Samsung (I did anyway), I started this forum because, after my 3rd phone, surely I couldn't be the only one experiencing this (and I like how someone put it) "snap, crackle, pop (and I'd add voice morphing).

Come to find out, MANY across America are experiencing this same issue.

This outcry has Sprint diligently looking into a solution (thank you Shannon).

I'll stick it out, returning the phone every 12 days, in hopes a solution does indeed arise.

The reason I exchange every 12 is to keep my upgrade status and the ability to get out of this contract should the phone be kaput.

The minute Sprint states it's a Samsung issue without representing us, and Samsung returns with, "it's a Sprint issue", the phone is dead in the water for me. That's what they did with the Galaxy S2... and it cost me dearly.

You live and learn, and this forum is undeniable proof that there is an issue, whoever's at fault.

This I strongly encourage everyone to send Shannon a private message if you haven't done so already. Just look up message #22 for the information format she's requested, then tap on her blue name at the top of her message.

I'm sticking this thing through. The phone has potential. Whether or not that materializes is up to BOTH the carrier, and the manufacturer. They are both financially benefiting from this sale.

I do have a question for the Note 3 buyers... did anyone anywhere get a phone that doesn't have these issues? Is it only with Sprint?

Take care, John


John are you talking about the horrible GPS on the Sprint version of the S2, the Epic Touch? If I recall, GPS worked, but only after you reset the phone. It was a total hassle anytime you needed to use navigation or maps.

In any case here's what we know so far:

1. MULTIPLE phones affected by this. Doesn't matter what color. Mine are both black, both have the issue.

2. Doesn't seem to be strictly California, as other states have brought forth the issue.

3. Kakao Talk, Google Voice, and other calling "options" do not exhibit this problem.

4. I have an AIRVANA at home because I get no reception. I just tested that as well and call was crystal. NO PROBLEMS with popping or crackling.

5. Issue seems to be contained within Sprint versions of the phone which point to a software issue. I don't think the ATT, Verizon, and Tmobile phones have a different speaker inside.

6. Sprint seems to kind of acknowledge the issue, but I put NO faith in them or their customer service in getting things taken care of. Case in point the GPS issue with the Epic Touch.

7. Returning the phone doesn't seem to help. What are the chances multiple people have the same problem with multiple units...which again leads me to believe it is a software issue.


And here we go. The more this gets press the better. It will hopefully force sprint and or Samsung to issue a fix or recall our phones.



The "S2" I'm referring to is the one with the short name. You know, the (take a deep breath) "Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII Evo 4G Epic Touch" (Whew!)

I should have known the unit would be trouble... with a name like that.

Anyway, yes, it had the issue you spoke of. Yet it also had what the WEB referred to as the LOS bug (Loss of Service). It had, in my opinion, a very poor 3G antenna. If I stood on my head and leaned at a 23.6 degree angle, 3G MIGHT work. Because I kept fiddling with Sprint's service department, I lapsed that 14 day window. (They said a software update was going too come out to fix the issue... so I waited). Never again. Sprint said it was Samsung's responsibility, and vice versa. I nearly left Sprint over it because of the accolades the salesperson gave concerning the phone, and specifically, the reception. Never again.

The S III that came out was hardcore stable, and DATA was/is fabulous.  Then I got the Note 2, which to me, is the most stable and awesome phone I've ever had.

The Note 3 is becoming an S2 scenario regardless of the reviewers.

But Sprint seems to be working on this, so I'm hanging in there, but at the same time, I'm returning every 12 days so I don't get burned with this phone and the extended contract nor loose my upgrade. (I paid retail for that S2!).

Yesterday I received a call from Sprint asking me if the problem still existed. I relayed everything. Today I received two calls from Sprint. They are aware of this forum and aware (now) of Shannon's involvement.  They are forwarding this site, and all the info to their technical engineers. They are aware.  We'll see what happens.

Take care,


Message was edited to thank Seoulbrova for presenting that Website! Thank you! John


I made a visit to a sprint corporate store around 7pm today in Cerritos CA.  As I entered the store I had a feeling they wouldn't even have a N3 on display after reading all the comments about first day visits to sprint stores stating that none were on display but as i got closer I could see there was a Note3 on display, powered on and ready for show.  First thing i did was call voicemail from the phone dialer pressing 1.  When it came on it sounded ok and there was no voicemail account set on the display phone so she kept talking explaining how to set it up.... I had the speaker on listening and then the chirps, pops and distortions started making the instructions hard to understand.  I had heard enough and put the phone down.  Walked to the counter with two tech sitting there.  One of the sales reps stopped me and asked how he could help and I explained the voice call problem with the 3 day old note 3 i had purchased and I asked if i could talk to the Techs about it.  He said he had never heard of the issue.  I told him how i could reproduce it on his display phone and we walked over and tried the voicemail call from there display.  He listened to the call on speaker phone and the chirps began and sound dropped.  We then walked back to the Tech counter and we both explained the issue,  they also both said they never heard of that happening on the Note 3.  They asked me to call voicemail from my phone and i did.  When she answers if you press 0 she will go into longer explanations so they get enough time for the chirps and distortions to start.  Of course my phone complied and let them hear the issue we are all going through with voice call sound quality on our very expensive contract phones.  Hmmm One of the techs then dialed voicemail from his 5s and it also made a small sound defect but nothing like the N3 and he stated see even my phone is doing it, inferring that the sprint network is to blame and we all should just put up with it?  Then the sales rep told the tech that no the Note 3 on display in there store sounds much worse as my phone does, not the small bearable noise his 5s made.  I think a better response from the tech would have been something like We will try to do everything we can to get the issue resolved for you Sir.  Not well see its our network, you will just have to put up with it like everyone else....  I also asked the techs to Google "sprint note 3 garbled voice" to see all the new links that are appearing on the issue.  


Sprint needs to contact us Note 3 buyers and tell us that they're extending the period to return our phones. Otherwise they're going to be issuing new phones every 10-13 days.

Question, do the phones have to be returned to the store where they were purchased or can any corporate store process the returns?


Yes same issue.  Purchased phone 10/7/13 in NC hearing popping and distortion on every call.  Great phone but it's first and major requirement is that the PHONE feature must work properly.


Well, mine arrives today. My fingers are crossed, but not very optimistic. If I have the same experience, it's going back and not being replaced until I know the fix is in. I personally don't have the time nor patients to do the return, reorder, thing. Knowing my luck it will not be fixed and I'll be stuck with it. Right now the cup is half empty.

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