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Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?


Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Product: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White 32 Gigabyte Smartphone


Receiving voice quality on a connected call is garbled with intermittent popping and frequency morphing.

Conditions: During connected call and hears through speakerphone, or headphones, or earpiece speaker.

Not present on music, video nor recording playback. Only occurs during a connected call.  Receiving party hears me clearly on their end.

Steps taken:

Called Samsung. "It's a hardware issue. Return phone or send that one in for repairs".  Called Sprint: "All our towers are up and functioning in your area".


Returned first phone within one day of purchase. Repurchased Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (White). Same issue. Received call voice quality verified by Samsung rep at Best Buy. Exchanged phone #2.  Phone #3 exhibits the same poor call receive voice.  Three new phones. Same call quality.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thank you.

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Your are one of the handful of people I've heard of who got a phone that has no current issues. I've been jealous since the first time you reported it. Was it a Sprint purchase in Texas if I remember correctly?

Regarding Bluetooth: that's something I haven't tried. I rarely use bluetooth for calls. I'll have to give it a try.

Thank you.



I use BT in my car all the time to make and recieve calls and it's the same as without using it. No difference.Still popping garbled etc etc. I'm on my third Note 3 as of 2 days ago. Same problem on this last one albeit not as bad as the second.

Oh and I left out that at least this phone has a non moveable/lose and crooked home button. So that's a step in the right direction, I guess. /shrug


Good Morning All,

It would appear that i have been fortunate in rolling the dice.

I exchanged my phone last night and have not had any issues with my calls dropping (10/4-10/14 dropped 35+ calls)

however i have an airave device and i have learned that the galaxy note 3's and the airaves do not like to play well together and that is something that requires a firmware update from airave

after being on the phone with them for almost 2 hours last night the lvl 2 tech support girl acknowledged that there is an issue with crackling and voice distortion on the note threes and that sumsung is aware of the issue.

According to her samsung just sort of fixes the issues as they become aware of them and then lets sprint know after it is fixed hence no word from samsung

If any one is having issues with the wifi dropping on its own and disconnecting...turn off the optimizer...this helped me greatly

I hope this helps,



How do you get to the sprint wifi optimizer? I know it's prompts you as one of the first things while setting up the phone for the first time but after that? Where is it located in the settings?


Anybody know what number to call to get to lvl 2 tech support directly?  Or just to the regular tech support for the matter?  I always takes me 5-10 minutes to just get through the regular menu to talk to somebody using the main number.


More proof Samsung is clueless in their bubble.

Chat InformationPlease wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Valerina'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.

Chat InformationYour Issue ID for this chat is LTK111790977031X

Valerina: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

Joe: I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Sprint through BestBuy

Valerina: Please go ahead with the query.

Joe: Are you aware of the sound quality issue?

Valerina: As of now there are no know issues with Note 3.

Joe: LOl

Joe: can you use google?

Valerina: Yes.

Joe: Please google "Sprint Note 3 Sound"

Joe: Or click this

Joe: There is a 18 page thread on sprints forum of use note 3 users with issues

Valerina: I am sorry we are not authorized to access third party sites.

Joe: Horrible sound when making a call

Joe: Joe: can you use google? Valerina: Yes.

Valerina: I apologizes for the inconvenience caused to you.

Valerina: We are unable to access above link.

Joe: Of course

Joe: can you use google?

Joe: Please google "Sprint Note 3 Sound"

Joe: You can see all the links there

Valerina: I am sorry we are unable to access above link via google.

Joe: Joe: can you use google? Joe: Please google "Sprint Note 3 Sound"

Valerina: I am sorry to inform that we can only access few websites, which are related to Samsung

Joe: LOL, I asked you if you could use google you said yes

Valerina: Yes, we can use google only for Samsung websites

Joe: LOL

Joe: Sounds like a circle

Valerina: I apologizes for the inconvenience caused to you.

Joe: I apologizes for the inconvenience of not knowing how to get correct info on information about your products.

Joe: How can you help us, if you cna not find info about the problem?

Joe: I apologizes for not being able to give you info that is not on a samsung site.

Valerina: I do understand your concern.

Valerina: As of now there are no know issues with Note 3.

Joe: How do you understand?

Joe: you can't understand if you can not see there is a problem

Joe: From sprint on there site: Hello everyone. I've been doing my best to keep up on this thread since I got back, but I've also received quite a few PM's of information I've previously asked for, so I'm not quite on top of everybody's posts yet. At the moment, I do not have any answers, but I can tell you we have been working very closely with Samsung. I'm being told I will have new information given to me soon. Unfortunately, I know nothing further than that at this time. If you are still within your 14 day return policy, I suggest returning the device until we know more. If you're already outside that, don't panic. Sprint will do everything we can to ensure this issue is resolved as quickly as possible. I will continue to work through reading all your posts and PM's, and keep you as up-to-date as I am throughout the next few days. Thank you again for your patience and understanding! *Shannon Social Care

Valerina: I have checked in our database as of now there are no issues.

Valerina: May I place you on hold for 3 minutes, while I gather the information on your request?

Joe: Of course your DB shows no problems as you are inside the samsung bubble and can not communicate with use outside.

Joe: How are you going to gather info if you can not get info and there is no problem?

Valerina: Thank you.

Joe: Thank me for what?

Valerina: Thank you for being on hold.

Joe: LOL

Valerina: I have rechecked the details, I would like to inform that there are no reported issues and we don't have control on third party websites.

Joe: Hello to all experiencing these issues with the new Note 3. I have reached out to some higher-ups here at Sprint who is looking closely into this matter. We are now needing more detailed information. If any of you having this issue could please PM me with the following: Subject line: Note 3 voice issues Your name Your phone number Where you purchased the device (store name, and a city at least) Date of purchase If you've done an exchange, and if so, is this your second, third, etc device and have experienced the same issue on all (or not) Any troubleshooting you've tried, and whether it has worked or not. Thank you all for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. *Shannon Social Care

Joe: Thank you everyone who has sent me messages. I believe I replied back to all of you who did (most with the same message) to let you know I have received your information and have passed it along to the appropriate handlers. This seems to be turning into a widespread issue and it is quickly being looked into. We have no resolution as of yet, but are working hard on finding one for you soon. I have read some interesting things as to what may (or may not) be causing the issues, and we are looking into that to see which side it's on (Samsung's or Sprint's). All the information left here and in my message box has been extremely useful and we're following all the leads we can to narrow this down. As I said in my PMs to most of you, I will be out of the office starting today at 12:30PM MST (Colorado) all the way until 8am Monday morning. However, I do have a backup ready in case we hear of any news while I'm gone. Because they won't have access to my PM's, they will be posting here on this public thread, so please keep your eye out for any new posts from Sprint. I am very sorry for this inconvenience, but seeing you all coming together to team up with Sprint is nothing short of amazing. I will certainly try to be in contact soon. Thank you for your time and patience while we're looking into this. *Shannon Social Care

Joe: From android While the Galaxy Note 3 is getting mostly positive reviews, some Sprint customers are giving it a million thumbs down for its usefulness as an actual phone. The Sprint forums (among other places) have been overflowing with complaints of poor audio quality on calls. Now Sprint has at least acknowledged there is something to investigate. nexusae0_wm_IMG_6900 The affected users say the audio issue is with calls, not the earpiece/mic. Connections over VoIP services sound fine, but calls on Sprint's network are crackly and distorted. The issue seems to persist across replacement phones and is limited to the Note 3. Our review Note 3 is on Sprint and also has this issue, but didn't crop up until recently. In fact, David was deprived of his preferred pizza topping just last night by the poor call quality of the Note 3. If a man orders jalapenos, he can't possibly make do with tomatoes. The madness must stop. A Sprint rep has responded to angry users, saying the issue has been relayed to the higher-ups for investigation. The issue sounds software-related, so hopefully a firmware update from Samsung can alleviate the issue. Users who call Samsung are currently being directed back to Sprint, so don't expect anyone to accept responsibility quite yet.

Joe: There is a issue, whether the people in the samsung bubble of silence want to accept or not

Joe: Even the people at Best Buy know there is a issue.

Joe: all of the sale sites are getting hammered with bad reviews due to poor audio call quality

Valerina: In this regard, I request you to contact our voice support team, so they can assist you better.

Valerina: You can contact our voice support at 1-888-987-4357, Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 9 PM (CST), Sat: 9 AM - 6 PM (CST).

Joe: Since I know all I will get is "I apologize" and I understand your concern". I guess it is time to pack my bags and go with a Iphone or HTC.

Joe: No thanks no need for more bubble talk

Joe: wish I could say you were a help but I would be lying.

Valerina: I am sorry; I couldn't help you fix the issue over the chat. However, is there anything else I might be able to assist you with?

Joe: I do not understand your concern nor do I apologize for your lack of support.

Joe: Fix the PROBLEM

Joe: that is what you can do for all of us

Joe: whioh you won't as there is no problem

Joe: we are all smoking something

Joe: good bye

Valerina: Have  a  Great Day!

Valerina: It was a pleasure assisting you. Thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. If you have a minute, please click on the blue “X close” button to receive a transcript of your chat and fill out a brief survey to help us serve you better. Have a wonderful day!

Chat InformationChat session has been terminated by the Samsung Agent.

They basically say there is no issue as they are not willing to believe us and not willing to do a google search. Must be nice living in a bubble.


Now get this.  The reviews on Amazon are 2 stars with many many reviewers leaving one stars.  I looked on BestBuy's website today, and for some reason, it's showing the Sprint Note 3 phones as having been newly listed and a perfect 5.0 rating for the white version when it clearly does not have a 5.0 rating (but it still shows a 5.0 rating).

When you click on the white sprint version of the phone, then the rating goes down to 4.6 and shows some reviews for the bad audio quality. 

And look how the listing is shown :

New! Samsung - Galaxy Note 3 4G Mobile Phone - White (Sprint)


Samsung - Galaxy Note 3 4G Mobile Phone - White (AT&T)

There's no "New" with the Verizon or AT&T versions.  I'm pretty sure they mean as newly listed (Verizon sold later than sprint anyway, so Verizon should have the "New" word, if anything.

So again, why does Best Buy show only the Sprint versions as being newly listed, where the Verizon and AT&T versions do not show as newly listed items.  Are they resetting the reviews?!?! else does the white version show as 5.0 right now?

I don't know for sure, but it seems as if Best Buy is trying to reset the reviews since the phone was getting such a bad rap (as it should).  A 5.0 review on the first page for the phone that pops up after typing in "note 3" into the BestBuy search box is very misleading.  I mean, if retailers are having to stoop to this level, Samsung and Sprint need to get their act together to fix this phone.  BestBuy, leave your reviews as they are -- don't show a phone as 5.0 rating when it clearly doesn't have that rating.


I tried putting up a real review on the Best Buy site, and got this response:

We're sorry.Our Customer Reviews Server is down. Please try again later.

Something's not right in Dodge.

I'm noticing that the delay it takes for the keyboard to pop up when tapping on a text field is increasing. About 1.5 seconds now. Anyone else noticing keyboard popup delays?



Go into settings, then choose the "connections" tab.

Choose "more networks", then "mobile networks". You'll see it there.



Go get Sprint tech support, I usually just dial *2. Then choose "call Sprint". Press "1" when you hear your number. Then, press 4. Then press option 5. Then press option 6. That gets you right there.



Hi All,  I finally couldn't stand the call quality anymore and went to exchange my Note 3 at Best Buy mobile store.  I had a problem exchanging into the S4 and he had no new Note 3's in stock so I went to the full size store around the corner.  I  told security i was exchanging my phone and he said i had to go to the customer service counter first.  Hmmm.  well I explained to the CS guy that the call quality was very bad, unusable in a business, that the phone dropped calls and now i am getting several voice mails each day and the phone never rings.  Bad Cell connectivity.  He stated that i would have to pay 50 bucks and send the phone back to Sammy.  Huh?  I stated that i was within my 15 day return time and I wanted an exchange.  CS guy says we need to do a factory reset and have the geeks diagnose the problem.  I said i was ok with the factory reset but there is nothing to diagnose as the phone just doesn't work,  He then got a manager who promptly told me that yes i could exchange the phone and just go over to the phone sales area.  I made him aware of why I was exchanging and he seemed to become aware of the problem with voice calls and said that the phone has 2 microphones and the software needs to be tweaked so no echo is picked up and that Sprint and Sammie are working on it and will issue a software update to address the problem.  I then informed him that the phone has 3 microphones and asked when this Software Update would be coming.....  2 days, weeks or months stating that i use it as a business phone and cant wait 6 months for a fix.  He also stated that i could get the note 3 now and if it isn't any better i could get an S4 with in the original 15 days.

At the phone counter the Phone sales guy was exchanging me into the new Note 3....  I just couldn't resist.... He had so many of them i thought i "felt lucky" and would get one that worked....  I have heard of a couple but never seen one...  Could become an Urban Legend if never proven to exist.  Well he popped off the cover and the camera cover came off too... oh .....  He tried to push it back on but it has four clips that need to be compressed so it goes in.  He said no problem i will just get another one and Now at one visit would be exchanging into my third Note 3...  wonder if the one he broke was the ONE that worked... never know.   Well we finished all the updates and he dialed the best buy number just to see the phone would make a call on speaker too but he quickly ended the call and said there you are all good....

Walking to my car i was almost afraid to make a call because i really wanted to keep this phone.  Sitting in my car i dialed my voice mail and the horrible pops clicks dropped segments and garbled voice of the sprint lady answered....  Much worse then the one i purchased on the 6th of October....     kick myself in the butt i did try to have this note 3... just not gonna happen.  S4 tomorrow. 

I also posted a review on Best Buy site tonight

Are you listening Sprint and Sammie....  you will be getting three defective Note 3's back from me never to be sold as new again.  Not a wise business decision for the bottom line eh?


Earlier I posted a review on the Best Buy online site, and got a message "We're sorry.Our Customer Reviews Server is down. Please try again later."

Just this evening, I got an email stating that the review was posted.

There's two negative reviews since I was there last which mention the voice call quality issue.

Ok folks... time to head over to the Best Buy review site and post your Note 3 experience.

From what I've been hearing, Samsung is working with Best Buy in a big way, so this is the Time to get your Note 3 Issues posted for others to see. The Note 3 is currently rated high (Sprint), even in the call quality section. There were 8 reviews when I was there last. Time to get the real word out about the true quality of this phone.

Take care,


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