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Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?


Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Product: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White 32 Gigabyte Smartphone


Receiving voice quality on a connected call is garbled with intermittent popping and frequency morphing.

Conditions: During connected call and hears through speakerphone, or headphones, or earpiece speaker.

Not present on music, video nor recording playback. Only occurs during a connected call.  Receiving party hears me clearly on their end.

Steps taken:

Called Samsung. "It's a hardware issue. Return phone or send that one in for repairs".  Called Sprint: "All our towers are up and functioning in your area".


Returned first phone within one day of purchase. Repurchased Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (White). Same issue. Received call voice quality verified by Samsung rep at Best Buy. Exchanged phone #2.  Phone #3 exhibits the same poor call receive voice.  Three new phones. Same call quality.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thank you.

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Dude I expected professionalism when I signed up with Sprint. Because I transferred my phone number and Sprint got about $500 of my money including a $250 deposit, it simply isn't worth my while, to lose money, be out of my phone number for a while and spend more time getting rid of this mess. So I'm stuck with Sprint for 2 years. Unforrtunately you don't grasp this. Its because of people like you that George Bush was allowed to sacrifice thousands of Americans in Iraq.

Why am I angry? I don't expect to buy a product that hasn't been fully tested and has problems with its basic feature, a phone.

I don't expect to be lied to by 3 or 4 employees on the phone doing a bait and switch promising me a discount as a retired Federal Employee and then finding out it doesn't exist.

I don't expect to go to a Sprint Store making an appointment and getting attitude and indifference from an employee.

You don't like it because I took issue with someone saying how great Sprint is for creating a Fix that I haven't received.

Have a nice day!


Hi Julie!

Someone may have already answered this, so if I duplicate a response, you read the remainder of this (yes), "at your own risk" (grin).

I would go the Kies route. That's just me and my Iran impatience. Some are presenting that you should return your phone to its original pre-Vocoder settings prior to the update. I don't know if this will hold true for everyone, but it's what was presented.

The best way to do KIES is to go to a place that has terrific Wi-Fi capability (if you don't have a fast Internet connection at home), and with your laptop, download the KIES 3.WHATEVER (Note 3 compatible version) from Samsung.

You'll do a lot of downloading, so maybe making it a social gathering at Starbucks might be worthwhile.

You'll download the program.

You'll initiate the program.

You'll plug in your Note 3 (with its associated usb cord) to your usb port (BE PLUGGED IN BECAUSE YOUR PHONE WILL START CHARGING FROM YOUR COMPUTER'S BATTERY IF YOU'RE NOT, which can drain a high performance laptop rather quickly).

Windows will then get the right driver for your plugged in USB appliance.

Then, most likely, you'll be asked by KIES to update the program files. This download can also take time.

Then, you'll follow the PROGRAM PROMPTS on how to update your firmware our software, or... it might tell you I've is available.

Then you'll download that.

I've never  used KIES  for anything but backups and restores, so I'm not able to, by memory, tell you the KIES screen prompts to update.

Or... you can just wait for the update to get pushed to your phone.

When push comes to shove, Sprint pushes. (Grin).

Hope that help s, and remember... you do everything I suggest... "at your own risk"



Your wrong this has nothing to do with George Bush or Iraq.

And no I don't like you. Also not sticking up for any one here but myself. I found this site same way you did looking for answers for a problem and there where many people that came on this site for the same reason. If you need to flame on sprint then I suggest you take that straight to sprint. I have been trying to help people like yourself and others that have info on this problem not to get into some child hood play ground bash. Again there are NO POLITICS involved with this dumb phone issue. Sorry you lost money but If you fight that with sprint I would say you have a case. again this is not the place for that either.


Julie... my silly phone translated something I was relaying about my impatience to "Iran impatience".

I am not Iranian, nor am I in Iran, nor do I actually reside on this planet (smirk).

One time I was texting my wife, and used Google voice to do so. Thank goodness I read that text message before sending it. Google's translation has not only colorful words in its vocabulary, but some very crude ones as well.

Sometimes it's difficult to navigate in this Sprint web interface, so I let (or plainly can't see) some misspelled words just some. The Iran mention was a bit you much to let go, especially if it offended someone. Thus (sigh) the long explanation. It would have taken less time to just proof read my messages (grin).

Wishing you the best,



Hello everyone!

Is the update working for you?





IF you don't have your update yet, it might be because Sprint had informed many of us via phone that the update world come out the week of the 28th, and Samsung's early jump on it hasn't sent our particular "wave" out yet.

BUT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE UPDATED... I would love to know if the Samsung update resolves the voice quality issues.

Thank you do much.

Take care.



Is anyone else having problems talking to people with headphones plugged in after the update? The update fixed the problems I was having with the popping sounds and the muffled conversations on my end, but now when I call people using headphones, they have a hard time understanding what I'm saying. I have 3 different wired headphones including the original that came with my note 3 and using any of them seems to cause the same problem. If I use the phone by itself or a bluetooth headset to talk, they hear me loud and clear though. Again, this only happened after the update. Prior to it, conversations through either of my wired headphones were clear to the people I was calling. 



I am using a mobile version of this website to reach ya all's. the application is buggy so I apologize that some of my text might seem odd. I believe the site was down for a while.

I think this web interface might be easier to use the mobile application. (Update: it's very buggy; the creepy crawling kind).

Any way, I got my note 3 yesterday. I purchased it from amazon. It have the same call quality issues as the other three phones that I had. I'm really leaning on the fact that this might be a regional issue. Many regions. I just can't see this as a coincidence after having four phones.

I have not updated the phone yet mostly because I have not been able to.

Samsung has acknowledged that Sprint and Samsung are both aware of a problem with Verizon and Sprint phones having a voice quality issue. Sprint also was acknowledging the problem when I called them yesterday on the phone.

Their notes show that an update is supposed to come out the week of the 28th, which is exactly what we were told by the technicians who called us on the phone.

I would guess that is why we get that message that states the quota has already been reached.

thus, I like the rest of you am waiting for the update so that I could use my phone with clear voice quality.

the screen on this phone is what has me hooked.I'll update you all further later as I get more information.take care, wish you the best, John.


On the mobile version of this web interface it does not look like there's any ability to go to the last message.leafing through all the messages is going to be highly difficult. I think I'll try and get to the website version take care.



On the mobile version of this web interface it does not look like there's any ability to go to the last message.leafing through all the messages is going to be highly difficult. I think I'll try and get to the website version take care.



Hershon, your post caused me to post for the very first time on this site.

RGM is right, if you're having such problems with Sprint, go back to them and try to get out of your contract.  it doesn't sound like the aggravation you're feeling is worth the money you may spend to get out of the contract (I think $350 is the worst case scenario).

I have been a customer of Sprints (not shill or employee) for probably longer than about anyone else here, about 13 years.  In that time, Sprint has evolved substantially, as has the cellular industry. 

Sprint reached a positive peak in terms of customer service about three years ago, and seems to have gone steadily downhill since then.  Their network coverage has also gotten a lot worse in the past year.  I think it's due to them running out of money, but who knows.  However, given that long history, I assume their customer service and coverage will get better in the coming year or two because it will need to.

I've also owned or used phones and smartphones from other cellular provides, and and found that they all have problems, including with customer service and coverage.  Right now I have a Verizon phone for work, which is the current flavor in terms of coverage, and it drops calls more than my Sprint phone at home.  My personal worst experience was with AT&T.

Also, these same problems with the Note 3 seem to be happening with Verizon and TMobile as well from what I've read.

I've been holding off on buying the Note 3 since I read the first negative reviews on Amazon, which sound as they came from John and others on this thread.  I currently use the HTC Evo 4G LTE, and while it's not perfect, my experience isn't nearly as bad as what I've heard from other people who have had that phone.

In any case, I'll probably upgrade to the Note 3 this week.


Here is what you and that idiot RGM don't understand and have no grasp of reality: It is not easy to get out of a contract with a place like Sprint as its time consuming, annoying, frustrating, costs money and can cause other problems like people trying to reach me by my phone number in the process. I hate when people think there's a simple solution to a problem when there isn't and then lecture you.

The basic fact is, you do not sell phones/smartphones/any product to the public unless you have tested them first. No billion dollar corporation does that except Sprint. How unprofessional can you get? You certainly do not continue to sell said product once you know there is a problem. Sprint does.

I posted my other problems with Sprint because of this. I've never dealt with a company before that treats its customers like a slimy pimp who knows his prostitutes all have Aids and continues to supply them to their customer.. Sorry, you don't grasp thus


i am siding with Hershon2000 on this one....Sprint & Samsung are slow to react because it will affect sales and their reputation, knowing how formidable [Apple, Verizon, AT&T] their competitors are

anyway...same crackling, morphing, garbled voice call problems here in new york

AND fluctuating sound volume on music apps like Spotify etc. when app goes to the next song...equalizer volume settings won't stick

AND weird keyboard, magnifying glass behavior on native browser app as described by John032060 (i disabled Chrome, currently using ad-blocking MiniBrowser 2.5)

got a white Note 3 from a Sprint full service retail store in Queens [ Corona, junction blvd branch ] last October 7 through their one-up plan.........most tech support in retail stores are STUPID anyway, the reset button is their hammer to every nail (oh yeah back-up everything we will reset a hardware/firmware problem!) waste of time unless it's xda~

the workaround vocoder 13k settings ...good enough for me

Sprint still sucks....but they have the best plans, unlimited data & better customer service than what's out there....i have 4G LTE coverage :]

thanks to all ❤️

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