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Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hi Julie,

You'll have to forgive me if my text seems small and faint. You see, I'm a little out of breath as I'm hurrying to get to the Tavern before THEY arrive. Trust me, you do not want to know who THEY are, although you, and everyone else,  has invoked their name in casual conversation.

[Why did THEY do this. Why are THEY doing that. Who are THEY anyway? You  and i both know that THEY are always behind everything.]

There's another reason why my text might seem like a vaporous gas... wispy and still. It's not because of the chill in the cold night air as my gasps for air send shards of ice into otherwise warm places.

It's because of that chill which seeps deeper into the bone and marrow and cannot be comforted.

You see... I'm being followed.

They've been on my tail ever since I left the UCI Medical Center discussing the Note 3 with a Burn patient. I won't tell you how they got burned, but I will just say this: it was during a business transaction involving a certain Samsung smartphone.

If my pursuer has a Galaxy Note 2, they'll surely catch up and overtake me. My only hope is that they have the Galaxy S2. That outta slow them down.

If i can just get to the Tavern in time.

Regarding the Note 3, you'll find it has more system RAM (3GB) than the Note 2 (2GB), a better screen than the Note 2, and more RAM space (32GB) than the Note 2 available today (16GB).

If you can make do with the call quality of the Note 3 when you're at your home, or patiently hope that it will improve with a later update, then the Note 3 is automatically an upgrade in many ways than a Note 2. I think you'll spend close to the same amount for a Note 2 as you would for a Note 3 right now... considering Amazon is selling the Note 3 for 250 clams.

The big determination will be if you get any call quality at home... expecially if making calls is extremely important to you.

(The sound of footsteps are right behind me.  Darn.  That means they have a Note 2! I got so involved with our discussion, that I forgot to be mindful of their approach. I can see the Tavern's glowing neon sign sending an eerie green glow into the night. ..announcing that the Tavern is open for business; It's flickering luminance proclaiming safety just out of reach.

Ah!  My Note 3 just announced that I'm ROAMING! That sent a rush of adrenaline through my otherwise wobbly progress.

I was going to make it!

Entering the Tavern with a loud creak from the old heavy door, I froze.  There THEY were, glaring right at me!  And THEY had on their DRINKING SHOES! My wife had beat me at my own game and arrived before I did.

I hurriedly backed out the Tavern door to face the fate of the Note 2. It was far the better choice.



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Ok i have had two note 3's and i thought i was good with the MJ4 update until last night i got the chirps but it only happens when im in non 4g areas why I have no idea but if im in a 4g area im fine if im in a non 4g area chirp city. And Shannon please answer my PM 


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hi Kgnepu2,

the problem with the note 3 has many factors. First of all, the voice quality did not only affect sprint phones, but phones from other carriers as well. This tells me, that there is some issue with the hardware of the phone or the antenna.

the persistent poor call quality and reception issues regarding Sprint Galaxy Note 3 might be more related to something dealing with Sprint network. this seems to make sense because some of these problems go away when someone is roaming.

what is interesting is that the original voice quality issue seemed to go away when somebody was roaming as well, even though the other networks were experiencing the same problem.

this to me was definitely point to a hardware issue with the phone.

There is another line of thought, and that is in regards to the 4 G portion of Sprint's network.

Sprint is currently trying to get both their 4G network and their Spark network up and operating. It is sad to note but yet also interesting, to get call clarity now, one has to disable the 4G LTE on their phone by choosing CDMA only. this is mostly for those areas that tend to get 3G with weak or absent 4G availthere maybe 3 or more towers that somebody is hanging off of to get their phone reception. There maybe 3 or more towers that somebody is pinging off of to get their phone reception.  If only a few of these powers are 4 g enabled, or I should say I upgraded, there is a problem when the phone tries to bounce between 3_g and 4 g. The light at the end of the tunnel with this is that once Sprint gets all of the towers upgraded to 4G, there may not be this problem with the 3G. However the possibility does exist that anyone who gets 3G rather than 4G in their area will have this balance problem of the phone attempting to grab the 4G signal while 3G is also fighting for a signal,  or vise versa.

This definitely speaks of a hardware issue regarding the phones ability to manage this signal problem.

Ever since I have set my phone to CDMA only, I have not had the dropping fluctuations that I had before. However, there are still issues present with this, so it is more of a workaround than it is helping the poor antenna or other hardware regarding reception. It is an unfortunate work around, because you're taking and very expensive 4G LTE phone and forcing it into 3G only so that it will not compete with the 4G signal. This means that you would have to manually change it to access 4G whenever you enter into a 4G area. This is very unacceptable of course, so this fix may never really fully be realized by the end user. In 11 months the galaxy Note 4 comes out, so I doubt that this issue will be fully satisfied within that time frame. However, for me personally, I only get 3G where I'm at, and I'm rarely in a place where I get 4G. However if I was one who roamed around and used my phone as a phone on a repetitive basis, this would be a very big issue for me. By the time I ever realize 4G or even Spark as a network, I will have the availability of the Note 4 or 5. It will be at least until 2016 before anything tri-band will really be widely available.  Sprint is betting all its cards and future on this Spark network.

this too is both sad and interesting in the fact that they have not even had the 4G network come out on a very broad basis. I know they say that they're very close, but how many years have we heard that. Now take the Spark network into consideration, and how the wait might be for that. Its always going to be a day late and a dollar short. However that dollar short is not really factual on Sprint's receiving end because you will still pay for the premium service whether they have it available or not. It seems like with Sprint we're always waiting for the Now portion of there Now network to become something that's available Now (but yet it really is a few years off every time you buy a phone that has the capability of that promised network.)

very long and expensive story made short, I believe that there is a problem with the hardware on the Galaxy Note 3 and its ability to handle 3G and 4G simultaneously trying to gain access to the phone. But what do I know. I just know it doesn't work. I just know that I had to disable my 4G LTE. I just know that I'm still paying for premium for old network 3G that is becoming archaic in the network business. I know many people who are upset that 4G never came to their area, and are a bit sour about hearing that Sprint is going to be focusing on a sSpark network before the 4G that was promised has ever come to be.

I reserve the right to be wrong and  contradict myself repetitively in all that I suggest. And of course, anything I say or suggest is at your own risk. I hope your phone works for you in the coming months. I hope you have a wonderful day, john


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

I guess I should clarify, although 3G and 4G are basically regards to data, the does seem to be a correlation with the voice quality. When I went to CDMA only, which would be 3G, I did get clear voice signals (clearer anyway).

when I went to CDMA only, I also experienced less data dropping.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hello Shannon,

I too have been having problems with dropped calls in Chicago.  I consistently drop 14+ calls a day in the suburbs.  And this is my second Note 3.  There was not any improvement after my update on the 28th.  I  have also made numerous calls to Sprint and been to the Sprint store twice.  Could this be not only a software issue but also and antenna issue?

I appreciate any help that you may give.

FYI, I have been with Sprint for 13.5 years and am on my fifth Android phone and have never had problems this bad!



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hi Sandy!

Did the Sprint representative by chance tell you whether or not the towers your phone is pinging off of were being updated?

Did they state that ALL those towers had been upgraded, or just one of them, or a few?

I'd ask that. There might be a pattern developing which includes an antenna/hardware issue and Sprints Network.

The spoilers to this theory is the fact that during the PRE-UPDATE voice problems, Sprint wasn't the only one affected. Also,  ROAMING trends to subside the problem for some.

Thus, there might be a few things at fault. Yet because some purchased problem free phone from the same outlet that others with faulty phones (i e Amazon), one might conclude that it's a regional issue and that a less than optimal antenna finds network problems with more aplomb (3G/4G/tower competition and incompatible tower communication between upgraded and non upgraded towers).

I'd find out about the towers you're pinging off of as to their upgrade/not upgraded status.

If you get a Sprint rep who seems, right off the bat, to be a newbie or you hear the words "I can't", hang up and call back.  "I can't" means they don't know how. My representatives knew their stuff and were able to get me that information.

You'll know a newbie right off.  They'll stammer at your technical inquiry.  Get a Sprint Rep with the name Julie, Shannon or Sandy. They usually know what's going on (smile).



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

I have solved at least one of my problems - which appears to be the last - and I am hopeful. The new phone will be here tomorrow, but I hope not to need it. I'll do a bit of testing tomorrow in other areas, but the problems I had at home are gone. For me, it took the updates, cache wiping, and factory reset. I seem to have had some app phoning home or trying to notify me of something. To me it sounded like a low battery notification, to Sprint it sounded like a text was coming in. Whatever it was, it is now gone. If I can make and receive reasonable calls elsewhere then it will be a keeper (sigh of relief). I do so love this device.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

There's good news everyone. Shannon is back, but it will probably take awhile for her to get to all the messages.

Stay tuned, John


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Given the problems you and others have experienced, I'm torn about what to do.  I am currently using an HTC Evo 4G LTE, and while I was ready to buy the Note 3 early last week after the last update, decided to hold off (again) based on the problems you and others continue to have. 

Which is a shame, I was looking forward to the Note 3, especially to watch videos on, which I think the current 4.7" HTC is a bit too small for.

On one hand, I live and work in the Bay Area (specifically Oakland), and haven't seen anyone post here from this area.  Also, it looks like Spark will be a late arrival here.

On the other hand, as said above, you all continue to see what looks like antenna problems which won't be resolved by further updates.  And I do travel about once a month to either Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno or Austin/San Antonio. 

So, do I get the Note 3 and see if it has any issues?

Do I seriously consider getting the HTC One Max, which can work on Spark?  While it looks to be about as wide and deep as the Note 3, it's much taller, and I wonder whether I really want the Note 3's features (although how can you miss what you've never had?).

Or the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3?  I don't know anything about it.

Do I just wait until next year to see what the Note 4 brings, and if it has problems? 

One thing I've considered doing is to buy a used Note 2 on EBay, which is about what the upgrade price would be (about $350) without the commitment.  I bought my current phone on EBay for $160 earlier this year, which is about the same amount as the insurance replacement fee, and it's better than any of the refurb replacements my family and friends have gotten from Sprint.

I'm really at a loss for what to do.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hi Amber... having fun yet?

first, I would like to say that you are very wise in purchasing a used phone rather than a refurbished or a service contract, which as you know, carries a $200 fee. I would also like to say that I'm sorry that you are in dismay over what phone you should purchase. I had the HTC EVO 4G as well, & I traded that and for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. That is something that I wished I had never done. I really like that Evo 4G. However, if you are looking for a phone that has a larger screen, and might be great for upcoming networks, I would suggest one of the phones that support tri band. The reason being, you don't sound like somebody who likes to upgrade frequently. Thus, the phone that you get now will most likely be the one that carries you on into the future. That future regarding the Sprint spark network is probably about the year 2015 or 2016. However, the note 3 is having some issues regardless of the reason. Some are experiencing issues while others are not. Others are fixing those issues with a series of steps.

there are many phones that I might be able to recommend, but unfortunately, the note 3 would not be one of them unless of course you were wanting to tinker around with an expensive brand new phone. Also, some of the fixes, take away some of the features on the phone. For some to have clear call quality, sprint is suggesting that you change your network settings to CDMA (3G) only. This means that you are getting a very expensive and technologically advanced phone and have to dumb it down to past and archaic technology.

I want to have a stylus. I use it to draw funny characters on the screen that I have taken a picture of. This is something that I enjoy doing so I'm sticking with a note brand smartphone. I will get the note 4 when it comes out, so I'm not too worried about technology in the future. I will probably get the note 5, the note 6, Note 7. I will probably stop at the note 7 although I have absolutely no idea why.

which phone you decide to get will probably depend on your personal preferences, like how large your hand is, as to what size phone that you'll tolerate. the Samsung Galaxy s3 is another option you might consider, because it is a very stable phone and it has a rather large screen. However the note 2, it's an excellent phone.I wish I could recommend the note 3, but I just could not tell you what your experiences would be with the phone. I could recommend the note 2 in a heartbeat, without any feelings of remorse for doing so. However with the note 3, I would go to my grave knowing that I had suggested that phone to you. I myself will keep the note 3.but I am a glutton for punishment and pretty much any other dish that's put in front of me. I wish you the best, I wish I could give you any definitive help. However what I would do in your case, which of course is at your own risk. I would get the note 3 and see if there was a problem. If there was no problem, your region might not have any issues whatsoever. Some have gotten a good phone. If it's something that you're willing to keep for two days and then return it, then there would be no problem in at least trying it out. However, I will caution in you, that you may fall in love with the phone even though it has many hang ups. This is the way of  most any relationship. Take care, and have a wonderful day. John


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

I won't suggest what you should do. I'm replying because I came from the same phone and for me switching was going to save me money. I hated it so much that I was afraid I would throw it at my windshield in frustration. That's what made me try the Note 3. So far, so glad I did, but it didn't come easy. I did have to work for it a bit to get it working right - updates, reconfiguring, etc. It's well worth it, though.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

I was going to get my phone this past weekend, but my schedule got hectic. So I decided to wait until this weekend and be able to hold the Note 3 while also getting to play with the Tri-band phones like Nexus 5, G2...

So I am still undecided with all the issues still popping up. Keep you posted.

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