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Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

I strongly urge everyone who bought a Note 3 with voice corruption, Wi-Fi, interface, and other issues to RETURN your phone within 12 days of purchase. The leeway in "days" will protect you from and attempted shenanigans.

Unless a complete admission of the issue AND complete fix are provided, unconditionally, prior to that 12th day, return the phone and wait it out. They usually have a "two-for-one" sale (with conditions) at Christmas time. If a complete fix isn't around by then, it probably won't be (can you say "Galaxy SII"?)

I'd you don't return your phone, Sprint will hold you to your purchase. You won't get any love from them past that 14 days. (Can you say "Galaxy SII"... again?)

I wanted the SII so badly that I overlooked... everything. I went with unreliable/absent 3G Data for a very long time until the awesome Galaxy SIII came out. Then the even more awesome Galaxy Note 2 came out.

The Note 3, thus far, is another SII. YOU'LL BE SORRY if you keep the dysfunctional phone past your 14 (make it 12) days.



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

No matter how much I want to get this phone, it seems that there are forces that surface that keeps me from stopping to buy it.

First, uniband instead of triband

Second, $50 more than other carriers

and now this issue.

As much as i advocate for Sprint and really do not have any issues with the service, plans etc, it baffles me as to how such a flagship device can gather such an issue. Doesn't Samsung do field tests? Did Sprint? Did no one notice this before deployment?

I can overlook the $50 more price since I can either wait for a sale on Sprint or go to Amazon/Best Buy/ Costco etc,

i can also over look the uni-band since I upgrade yearly and by next year I would probably get the Note 4 and the network will have more 800 LTE sites up.

But this last issue, without concrete resolve from either companies is really holding me back. Especially when its been noted by others in this thread of the return policy.

Hopefully a fix is in the works.

I read elsewhere that the Note 3 was suppose to have the radios for tri-band LTE, but Samsung decided to remove it for some reason at the last minute. Makes me wonder if replacing the radios was the cause of this issue. Still, it doesn't help anyone now. I just hope that Samsung does right and makes a fix soon otherwise this may well end up being a black eye for both Samsung and Sprint.

If there is a recall, I think that would be an industry first with a flagship phone.



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hey John,

Not everyone is having these issues, I have used all the carriers GN3 device and they have been perfect in terms of call quality.

I have used it with bluetooth, wired headset, no head set. Also I had a 4 friends at my place the other night as we were setting up and swapping some movies and music and wifi was not a problem.

That being said, there was a thread yesterday from a "product ambassador" that has been deleted. The contents of the thread had him admitting to the crackling problem and that Sprint was working on a fix. Why has that thread been deleted and why is the product ambassador posting things about the phone without the user base being able to respond in kind?

I used a Sprint Version while roaming on Wednesday and the sound was crystal clear. So it leads me to believe its a Sprint issue.

Now why are they deleting threads about problems on a public forum where the customer base comes for "answers" about a device they have is a different subject......


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

I have and hope you that have purchased the Note 3 with horrible voice call corruption will put in some time and make others aware of this.... Make an effort this weekend please.  Let Sprint know how badly we have been treated releasing a phone that isn't...

Post your review on sites like Amazon, Sprint and here. Amazon has separate reviews for black and white, please post on both. List other high profile sites that sell large quantities of this phone on Sprint on this forum so we can post there.  Let them know we have been hurt by this and that they are offering us no recourse.  I have not been called by Sprint and offered anything, news, discounts a refund plus all costs.  They need to hear from us!

Amazon black

Amazon white Samsung Galaxy Note 3, White (Sprint): Cell Phones & Accessories


Also list some high profile review sites in your review like....


XDA Site

Sprint Site

Latest review sites documenting the issue...

I am counting the days to exchange out of this phone.... I have been with Sprint since they began service in Los Angeles CA and still have the same number for my business 20 years times average 140 a month, =  $33,600 of my hard earned dollars they have received, not counting phones and accessories.....  Where is the old Sprint that kept me a loyal customer all those years?  They say everything is just temporary...

I also had the GS2 FOR 2.5 years and was treated badly when working to have hardware software issues resolved....PHANTOM KEY PRESSES IN LOW SIGNAL AREA, GPS?

All said i like this phone and would really like to hear from Sprint.  But until then lets get to work and spread the word to all that are thinking about purchasing the NOTE 3

Feel free to copy past any links in my thread or post content.





Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hi Seoulbrova...

Thank you for your post.

I know the spec's for this phone seem appreciable, yet such hasn't been my experience. Apps that didn't lag on my Note 2 lag on the Note 3. A simple "Atomic Bomber" app for instance.

The interface often seems disconnected from the display. I'll tap on something, and it isn't acknowledged. Then a tap on a home icon will send the home display into home display #2 (right or left screen slide), and not the app tapped. Often times tapping the display only swings the menu right or left without executing that which was tapped.

The entire SNote interface seems buggy and disconnected. Tap on the display in "T"ext mode, and a blue text window pops up completely out of sync with the underlying template... like you're not typing onto actual lined paper, but over a transparent misaligned wallpaper. The Note 2 had physical lines you typed into.  The whole SNote app is disjointed, and the graphical white screen is often laggy. Try backspacing to remove characters.

?The characters remain! At the end of an edited paragraph, it's not uncommon to have single characters and half disjointed words lingering behind the end-of-line cursor. You must exit the SNote "Note", then restart.  The whole thing is buggy.

The entire web app experience is changed for the worst.  Even when filling in this reply form, my text often automatically increases in size, making typing into the box near impossible (can't see what/where I'm typing.) 

Tapping on most web info brings that info up into a kinda magnifying thing-a-ma-Bob. For instance, check mark boxes get magnified to supposedly make it easier to check mark them. They magnify when you tap on them instead of just putting the "x" in them, creating another necessary tap to revert back to a UN-magnified. This feature sometimes does, and often times doesn't put the check mark in the box. When it doesn't, yet another tap is necessary to mark the box. Whew!

Other times this magnifying goes a step further, putting the entire sentence into a magnifying text box. The problem is that the box is narrow, cutting off the top and bottom words. Buggy.

There's also a slight lag when selecting anything within thy browser.

Then there's the constant intermittent "wireless network not available" notification when Wi-Fi is off and no programs need it. I know the config "settings" well, and options regarding "location" and "Wi-Fi only" necessities are off. It's just... quirky.

The whole screen interface is as if you're interacting on a pre-screen, that needs a nanosecond to then interact directly with the hardware.

Couple these minor annoyances and departures from the Awesome Note 2 with documented Wi-Fi issues, crippling voice call quality, battery issues, heat issues... and you get the impression that the "Awesome, Fantastic, does the dishes too!" Note 3 is really an SII in sheep's clothing.

The good? The screen brightness and quality. It's the only reason I haven't returned the unit yet. I'm enjoying the screen. At day 12, this puppy goes back to the kennel.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

As you've probably read, I asked Shannon, Sprint and Samsung to publicly reply. We'll have to wait on that reply for a definitive answer. They have until the 12th (for me) to fix it. After that, the phone must go back. I thought about repurchase... but then, what's the point? My Note 2 blows this Note 3 outta the water with no screen/tap lag, no Atomic Bomber lag (a Dinky game app), no SNote weirdness with text input, copy, paste, no problems backing up or restoring my native phone calendar our any other aspect of the Note 2 (the Note 3 compatible Kies program doesn't support any prior Galaxy backups for restore from Note 2 fyi Note 3), no worries with fixes, Wi-Fi (Note 3 has major Wi-Fi connection problems).

There's not much to like about the Note 3, except that beautiful screen resolution and brightness.



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

You should have your note 3 swapped out if you are having all the issues you mentioned above.

Other then the poor call audio my note 3 has been wonderful much faster than the Galaxy s4 it replaced.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

If you are saying that the GN3 is slower than the GN2 then there is something definitely wrong with your phone.

I have used the GN3 for a few days and compared to a GN2 the difference in performance at least to me is not really close.

I understand the wifi issues and the backup issues, but the screen lag I have not encountered, no text weirdness, no calendar issues.... Hmmm... interesting.. I hope its just a bad batch or just a bad unit. I have used about 5 devices so far and I am not experiencing what you are, I will keep looking for these issues on my end.

I hope you have luck with another unit.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hello and thanks for your info and observations.

This is my 3rd Note 3. Work and play has me using every capable aspect of the smartphones I buy... and I tend to get whatever Sprint currently has available.  The call quality is the store stopper. It's simply a must. Since there have now been more than a few posts with subscribers obtaining a Note 3 without issues (mostly in Texas?). This is a good thing.

Since I'm on the Note frequently, I can pick out the nitty gritty which interrupts my productive use and entertainment use of the Note 3.

Compared to the Note 2, songs things are indeed definitely faster, yet some are not. I believe it's the new interface Samsung is using, which is most likely the sane as the Galaxy S4. Three Note 2 and S3 were/are compatible that way. Some Note 2 native apps (SNote and Calendar) aren't completely compatible as it relates to restored data transfer from one phone to another.

In landscape mode, while typing this in the "reply window", the swype keyboard still takes up 2/3 of the bottom screen. Why that magnifying text window pops up when I try to edit text is beyond me, and as I stated, it has no realestate to work, cramming the text line into a narrow magnified box/rectangle.

The heat and battery issues are not my issues, but listed issues of others. I was at a place with excellent Wi-Fi, and my laptop connected without difficulty. The Note 3 wouldn't connect. It kept trying to "verify the IP address". This is unacceptable in an age where most phones simply log onto the available Wi-Fi, and if web "acceptance" of the connection is necessary, the phone should simply pop up a message that states "web authorization necessary" and allow you the option to goto your web browser to complete the "agree" statement. Our better yet, just pop up a screen "authenticate?" Question to finish the Wi-Fi connection procedure.

But the Note 3 sits there, and will often NOT CONNECT with the message, "not connected because the signal is too weak"...all the while my laptop is connected and flying away at breakneck speeds. Samsung has had Wi-Fi issues with most their phones I've purchased.

It's just the little things, like having to type this message to you through a finger width landscape window while the huge keyboard and word suggestion and web site address (at top) take up the majority of the screen (granted, I could disable view of my clock and data connection, . And most likely the "anticipate next word" line too... but I need them).


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Hi John,

Thank you for posting this, I have been waiting for the Sprint Note 3 for about 2 months now to replace my aging EVO 4G and was just about to leave the house for the sprint store to pick one up!  So glad I decided to check in with the forum.  Poor voice connection quality is an absolute deal breaker, as I use the actual telephone function a lot for business.  I hope they fix this issue soon and properly take care of you early adopters, please keep us posted.



Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

John try going into the menu setting under wifi.

Turn off the auto switch option.

That seemed to fix my wifi issues.

Also I would recommend downloading Nova launcher or an alternative launcher.

The lag you describe seems to be an issue with touchwiz. When I swapped launchers everything became buttery smooth.

Also, please post on I posted reviews for both white and black phones warning others to stay away until a fix is issued.


Re: Galaxy Note 3 voice garbled, popping, morphed, etc during calls?

Thank you. Actually, that was one if the first Wi-Fi settings I disabled. I was in Starbucks, and "El Problemo" (Note 3) was attempting to use their Wi-Fi. It kept jumping from trying to gain access to Wi-Fi and 3G. The phone kept reporting that the Wi-Fi (in Starbucks!) was too weak to use. Starbucks might not be the fastest Wi-Fi, but even "El Problemo #1" (Galaxy S2) connected with Starbucks Wi-Fi (as well as every other phone I've ever purchased).


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