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HELP! KITKAT Killed my Note 3


HELP! KITKAT Killed my Note 3

The Kitkat update loaded and phone shut off..I had to remove battery and then put it back in to get it to do anything..this was.after waiting forever and nothing happening. Now all it does is go to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 booting screen and says recovery booting in blue in the upper left corner...does this over and over and over and over.... Of course Sprint is closed and now I have a useless phone that I have to take the battery out of so it doesnt drive me crazy vibrating. Do they test this stuff before they send it out? So now Im sure I will have to go to the store tomorrow and wait for someone to load it manually...what a waste of time. Not a happy camper. Lord help me if anything is lost on the phone....It will not go well.


Re: HELP! KITKAT Killed my Note 3


It is possible that an app or apps that you've downloaded may have caused an issue with the update process. Unfortunately, at this time, the best resolution will be to take the device to a store. If you did not already set the device to backup and synch your contacts to google and have utilized the free DropBox functionality to backup pictures and videos they may have been lost. The store can attempt to backup your contacts even with the device in it's present state. Prior to going to the store, please do not take any other steps in an attempt to clear the current status of the device.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care team
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