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Lies, Lies, Lies, then more Lies?!?! Who's telling the truth???


Lies, Lies, Lies, then more Lies?!?! Who's telling the truth???

As a Sprint customer for many years I find it very disheartening the miscommunication and misleading being done regarding the Note 3.. There's been many forums dedicated to the Note 3's LTE capabilities, but is anyone from Sprint coming forward to take ownership of it?

Before I ordered the Note 3, I spoke with Sprint on the phone, their web chat support, and twitter, and was told the same (lie?) on all 3 fronts... I was told it would support 1900/800 LTE.  I was told by the twitter support Sprint could send an update out that would enable the LTE @800mhz, which I'm being told is a lie by the folks over at XDA Developers who are pretty bright with these things..

So first, I saved up all year to buy this phone.  I saved Christmas money from last year, tax money, and my birthday money to do it...I'm shouldering all the bills while helping my wife get through nursing school, so I don't have an extra $400 to throw away.. I eagerly waited all year for the phone's release, reading all the leaked stories about hardware specs, features, etc.. After seeing others talk on the forums about their concerns, I do my due diligence and talk to multiple sources at Sprint and am assured the phone will support 800/1900 LTE through a firmware update...I assume they're right because they work for the company and came across as technical experts.. SURELY they wouldn't lie, right?  It sounded plausible, and considering this was expecting to be the "King" of the smartphones, I hope this thing is coming with the latest and greatest specs and will be future proof for connectivity...

I was so excited to buy this phone I woke up at 3AM and ordered it within hours of it going live on the Sprint website...I get the phone 5 days later and start hearing from people outside of Sprint that there's no way this phone will ever support the 800mhz band, it won't be compatible, and that Samsung is going to roll out a different edition in the months ahead to support it..I also notice that when I call people people are telling me my voice sounds garbled most of the time..  After that, the elation I got from buying this phone came crashing down....

I call Sprint to discuss my options and am told that I have to return the phone within 3 days of ordering it or I'm stuck with a restocking fee.. I asked for clarification if it was 3 days from receiving the phone, 3 days from activating the phone, or 3 days from ordering, and was told a second time, it was 3 days from ordering... Great, so now not only do I feel like I've been lied to over and over and over again, I'm getting screwed as well... BEFORE I even GET the phone, since it took 5 days to get here (Ordered Friday at like 3:30AM and it arrived Tuesday later in the day), I'm stuck with a $35-$36 restocking fee.. And not only that, if I decide to return the Note 3, active my old phone, and hold off another couple of months until phones with more extensive LTE capabilities are released, I get told that I would face another activation charge of $35 or $36 (whichever it is)...  I EVEN talked to a Sprint rep about returning this phone, saving up, and buying an unlocked Note 3 that clearly lists the 800/1900 LTE support (amazon and other websites sell them), and was told that I could NOT activate an unlocked phone on the Sprint network?!?!?!!?!  What the heck is the point of a company selling an unlocked phone that supports the requisite CDMA/LTE frequencies if Sprint won't let us activate it??? I would have sworn this was possible?!?

So just to get "back" to where I was, I'm in the hole at least $70, all due to Sprint misleading me..Even if I switch out phones I'm now stuck going with something significantly less since I'm on a tight budget..

Wow... All I can say is, WOW... Bad form, Sprint... Bad form.. I would feel otherwise if I hadn't made inquiries and tried to research the phone... If I didn't talk to Sprint reps on the phone, web chat, and twitter support areas.. If I didn't look for ways to mitigate my expenses when I realized the situation I was in...This must be why the company is offering such good deals to new customers, the loyal existing ones have been lied to so badly we're all looking to ditch the company to go somewhere we won't feel so violated...

I've never been late on a payment, never had my service suspended, and have never been a problem customer.  On any given month I NEVER use more than 100-200 minutes of voice calling, average 150-400megs of data, and send 100-300 text messages...And this is the respect and courtesy I get from Sprint in return for being a good customer.

But this is just terrible, from top to bottom, and it's wrong.. Sprint should be ashamed of itself.


Don't forget the spotty 3g, the nearly non existent 4g and the wi fi issue plaguing the note 3! I'm on my 3rd one and haven't even considered the fees that I'll have to deal with all because they are pushing this crippled phone. All three have the wi fi problem and instead of telling me a software update will fix it or whatever, they continued telling me just swap the phone! Disgusting.


At least I'm not the only one having these issues! At least your screen didn't randomly crack in half!

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