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Note 3 or Not 3.


Note 3 or Not 3.

I had almost every smartphone Sprint offered. The Note 3 with Sprint has been the absolute worst. I think the games and problems paying customers are experiencing are inexcusable. With as many complaints as this one device has had you would think someone would offer their customer more than a trip to one of their repair stores that have you waiting for 3 hours to say " Oh, we found a problem we can order you a refurbished phone since you are only paying $11 per month for this useless insurance. Oh will this be in tomorrow? No give us a couple days to order since our store stock can’t be touched. Oh ok, thanks for this terrific service I am paying over $120 a month for. We provide a courtesy 5 hours it arrives to let you that we can swap the esn over for you. Whhhewwwww how nice, I am sure all carriers operate like. Oh sir, wait please fill out a survey and give us 5's to show we give it our best to serve you. No dont forget your receipt or we may have an issue locating your device since we have some many of this phones to order due to issues. Sorry family that you can’t hear me on my new $400 PHONE that I signed a new two agreement to get. You guys will have to wait 5 days to give me those important updates. Now who wants to go through that 4-5 times, NO ONE. So sorry after 14 years Sprint I have got to say I have had with the charade, that I am portrayed as a paying victim being held hostage. I have switched and you know what the Galaxy Note 3 with my new carrier has no issues. #5lines will be moving with me and possibly my entire family of 40+ subscribers. PCS..... Poor Customer Service........  I would rather talk through a tin can with string before looking back.

Thank you,

A Valued Sprint Customer

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Re: Note 3 or Not 3.


I'm sorry for such frustrations with your device and the delay to receive a replacement.  We work diligently with manufacturers to ensure we can have replacement devices available and delivered immediately for our customers if issues arise.  I'm sorry that you had to wait a few extra days for your replacement to be delivered.  Were you able to retrieve your replacement device?  Was replacing it solve the issue which occurred with your device?

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