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Official answer on Galaxy Note 3 LTE bands


Official answer on Galaxy Note 3 LTE bands


The phone is now available so please give an official response to the number of LTE bands this phone can use.

I called sprint corporate and my local stores and got different answers each time:

1. Sprint corporate: 2 LTE bands 800 and 1900

2. Sprint local store 1: 3 bands 800, 1900 and 2400

3. Sprint local store 2: We have no idea.

4. Sprint local store 3: 750 800 1900 and 2400

FCC docs look like single band and users who have the phone now are saying it can't connect to anything but 1900.

For a company that has a public relations moto of "please hang in there," this is very disappointing if accurate.

I know it will probably be 2 more years before they finish the roll out but without the ability to take advantage of network improvements I am left without hope and hope is what has been keeping me a sprint customer all these years.


Never got an answer out of sprint but I found that it will be single band on 1900.

Thanks for all the miss information sprint.

Proof of single band on Retail box:

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