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Samsung Galaxy Gear manager app update brings rich notifications from any app to the Gear


Galaxy Gear

Samsung's smart watch just got a lot smarter

In tandem with a small firmware update a few days ago for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, an update to the Gear Manager app has enabled "real" notifications from any application to be read right on the Galaxy Gear itself. If you recall (if not see our review), the Gear shipped with one very big reason not to want to use it — for most applications the notification you received simply told you to check your phone.

Yeah, that sucked.

Having to take out your phone and open the notification sort of negated the advantage of having the notification sent to your wrist. It made the Gear something we just couldn't recommend anyone buy without a n update to address this.

Now that update is here. Without users having to install any sort of hack or third party programs, you can now see what you need to see, and it's all user-definable. We're going to have a look at how it all works, and hopefully update our review and recommendation of Samsung's smart watch.

To get the new update, open the Gear Manager app on your phone and you'll be directed to download the latest version from the Samsung app store.

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