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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tri-Band Phone?


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tri-Band Phone?

Will the Note 3 work on all three of Sprint's LTE bands (800, 1900 & 2500)?  The LG G3 hasn't been released yet and it's already known this phone will be Sprint's first tri-band phone. I certainly hope Sprint will not consider releasing the Note 3 and not be capable of running on all three bands.

The link of the LG-G2 confirms tri-band phone while the link to the Note 3 does not. Or maybe it does, please correct me if I'm wrong.




I'm very disappointed in Sprint for their lack of communication. Many customers will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3, unaware that their device will not be able to take advantage of a large portion of Sprint's network.


Thanks for ruining a summer of high hopes sprint. I really wanted this phone. But to expensive and not future proof enough for me to lock in for 2 years.I could even handle the extra 50 if I knew as your network improves I could utilize it. Why did you take a great phone and get rid of its network capabilities? Strange.  Looks like I'll be spending another few months in anticipation of the s5. I swear sprint if you screw us again I'm done.

That is all.


this was a major FAIL by sprint


Felt the same way at first but now that there is the One Up will probably go ahead and get it since 1900Mhz LTE is fine in my area. We always seem to pay full price between the 2yr upgrades so the One Up is actually cheaper.  Will do the same next year for the N4


Can anyone make better explanation of this "International roaming – GSM: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1,800MHz and 1,900MHz; HSPA+/UMTS: 1,900MHz and 2,100MHz; Data roaming: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+ and WCDMA", and the fact that it comes with a sim card slot?

link Fact Sheet: Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 & Galaxy Gear | Sprint Newsroom


Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung could not get a tri-band note out for Sprint in time for release.  I will more than likely still get this phone since she stated that the phone will still run great.  Since I had an iphone 4S which did not have 4g, anything should be better than that except another iPhone....


Why you don't want to settle for a single-band (LTE 25/1900MHz) phone at this point from Sprint:

  1. Look at http://www.telco2.net/blog/assets_c/2013/04/sprecky-773.html. Sprint has 25 MHz of LTE spectrum in the 1900 MHz band, 14Mhz in the 800MHz band (LTE 26) and *90* Mhz in the 2500MHz (LTE 43) band. A single-band LTE 25 phone will only be able to use less than 1/4 of Sprint's total bandwidth.
  2. The 800MHz LTE 26 band is very important. The lower frequency will penetrate buildings much better than the 1900Mhz (or 2500Mhz) bands. In general, it will also be more useful in rural areas further from towers (higher frequency bands require smaller cells).
  3. All the LTE phones Sprint has sold to date operate on the 1900Mhz band. It is logical to presume that the 1900Mhz band will be the most crowded of Sprint's LTE bands for a while -- particularly if Sprint continues to sell (and introduce new!) single band LTE phones. If you had a choice of taking the old crowded expressway, or a brand-new nearly empty one to your destination, which would you choose?

I'm hoping as much as anyone that all of Sprint's new phones -- especially expensive high-end phones will be tri-band. But it just doesn't look like that will be the case for the Note 3. Could there be a follow-up that's tri-band? Sure. Hopefully Softbank and Sprint together can convince companies like Samsung that there's a large enough market to justify the engineering expense of tri-band support (it's not simple to support so many frequencies -- the radio needs more front-end filters, and like more antennas and more complicated antennas). But in the meantime, I'm not buying any single band phones from Sprint -- no matter how compelling the other features may be. And if Sprint doesn't have some decent phones for me in the next three months or so, I'm going elsewhere.

As far as the idea that with OneUp you'll be replacing this phone in a year anyway. It's not like the upgrade is free. You're still paying for a new phone every year, even if in the end it's a little cheaper than just buying it outright. Also, my family doesn't need the more expensive unlimited everything plan that OneUp requires. And as far as I can tell, OneUp isn't a good deal if you don't end up buying a new phone every year (a problem with all of these plans I think). I'm not going to sign on to buying new phones every year simply because Sprint is perpetually behind in what is has to offer.


let's hope that Sprint carries the Note 3 "Active" and that it's a triband device.  if it is, i'll get it!



As far as the unlimited my way plans, I found that it is cheaper to stay with the everything shared plan that I started on back in 2011.  So that's what I will be doing when upgrading.  Not sure if I can One up that plan.


this is an e-mail response from the guy that issued the press release from Sprint with the launch date, in which I asked if the Sprint Note 3 is Tri-band:

Dear Sean:

Thank you for your interest in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Sprint. Sprint has not announced the smartphones it will offer with tri-band capabilities.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Mark [Personal information removed]

From: Sean P

Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 12:17 PM

To: Mark J [COM]

Subject: Samsung Note 3

Importance: High


               Will the Sprint offering be single or Tri-band?  There is a huge amount of speculation about this in the Sprint community pages, yet it was not address in the press release.


Sprint customer since 1997

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That is the same message he sent me when I emailed him 2 days ago. I heard that samsung will be making a curved screen phone soon, maybe that will be triband along with other phones Sprint will get this fall.

very disappointing though.


It sucks that this phone will not be tri-band LTE but I'm happy that it will work overseas. Still hard to decide if I should pre-order. Reality is that the network could be better. I had the HTC Evo and was promised 4g, it didn't come till maybe after 2years if am accurate. Which the 10 bucks was charged for that period and there was no service provided.

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