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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Verdicts In: Whoops...


Sprint Product Ambassadors: Verdicts In: Whoops...

Since many Sprint customers have returned their Note 3 (multiple times) due to it being unusable as  a phone and there's no resolution in sight, maybe its  not a good idea to:

1) Delete the original Ambadassor thread

2) Lock future Ambassador threads so they can't be replied to.

Maybe after Sprint puts this behind them- until then someone in management should consider putting these fluff pieces on hold.


Re: Sprint Product Ambassadors: Verdicts In: Whoops...


I agree that these ambassador testimonials are a bit over the top.  The author of the thread:

Sprint Product Ambassadors: Verdicts in: 1 week with the Note 3 and.....In Heaven

is the same person whose thread asking about our experiences with the Galaxy Note 3 was removed.  I can't say that I can disagree with that post because he only comments on the phones:

  • Overall Look and Feel
  • Display
  • Camera

To be fair Proctorc30...I'd like to see a follow up post titled: Sprint Product Ambassadors: Verdicts in: 2 weeks with the Note 3 and.....Whoa Sorry - Can't Hear You...

Yes...a full reporting including commentary on the call sound quality, disconnects, and Wi-Fi issues.

I am a former owner of two Galaxy Note 3's that had those problems and have been returned.

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